Crisis Actors Exposed: Nick And Laura Phelps, Richard And Jennifer Sexton

This is an official news clip from CNN’s Youtube channel. Note that at 1:05 we hear about how Principal Hochsprung oversaw a new security system being installed. Where’s the video from this security system again? The segment pertinent to this article begins at 1:35. This shows Nick and Laura Phelps pretending to be emotionally devastated over the Newtown shooting massacre. No tears, as usual. Note how at 1:45 Nick gets so emotional he has to remove his cap and wipe his head with it, because that’s were fake tears come from. When he places the cap back on his head, his demeanor changes to business as usual.

Title: Remembering victims of CT shooting (YT link) Uploaded by CNN

First, from the video in my previous post, Crisis Actor Exposed: Christina Green, Samantha Sexton, Calee Soto, we’ve established that Richard Sexton is the husband of Jennifer, and the father of Samantha, Emily and Brett Sexton. Here is a cropped picture of Richard, Jennifer and Samantha:

Richard, Jennifer and Samantha Sexton

And another picture showing Richard with Samantha and Emily. What a proud dad he is:

Richard, Samantha and Emily Sexton

Remember, these pictures were taken several years ago. Here we have a composite of Richard Sexton and Nick Phelps:

Richard Sexton and Nick Phelps Composite

Here is a composite of Jennifer Sexton and Laura Phelps:

Jennifer Sexton and Laura Phelps

We’ve even got this old frog, who thinks he’s cool by flashing devil horns during the CNN Victoria Soto clip, next to a pic of Michael Greenberg, who may be Jennifer’s father:

Random Masonic jackass and Michael Greenberg

Next up, Laura Phelp’s / Jennifer Sexton’s audition tape.

By raymondtowers

4 comments on “Crisis Actors Exposed: Nick And Laura Phelps, Richard And Jennifer Sexton

  1. Jennifer Sexton and Laura Phelps: Sexton has a rounded, pointer chin where as Phelps as a sqaured-off, chin. Resemblance, but completely different bone structure from the nose down. Just sayin’.

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