CAUTION – Leaked MK Ultra Mind Control Video


I’m not kidding, people. The video was acquired by Rob Daven of Dark Space TV through unnamed sources, and although Daven deliberates over its MK Ultra authenticity, he does admit that its content is very convincing. It contains various methods of mental cueing, including several forms of audio and visual such as cartoons and children’s music, trigger phrases, forced mental associations and tonal frequencies that stimulate and provoke desired brain patterns.

Normally, I’d like to say that I have a fairly strong mind. The first time I watched this, however, I only made it as far as between 6 and 7 minutes in, before the barrage of images and noises began to affect my regular mental process. This was during the scene at a lamb slaughterhouse. I had to wait a week before I came back and made myself watch the rest of it. Daven went as far as to place a PANIC BUTTON in the top left corner of the screen. IT’S THAT POWERFUL.

Now, why would I post something as potentially harmful as this on my blog? Because the entertainment industry uses videos such as this in their Monarch / MK Ultra programming of young celebrities, and will continue to do so until somebody stands up to them and puts a stop to it. Prolonged exposure to videos such as this, combined with mind-altering drugs, is what causes the brain to disassociate itself from the perceived trauma and leaves a void where a new personality is inserted. This is not a conspiracy theory. There is a lot of evidence available as to the background of the program when it was first created by the Nazis in World War II, and as to how it was later passed on the CIA and Walt Disney. You’ve seen the Bourne Series movies, where the protagonist can’t remember his true identity, or heard the rumors of a seemingly random phone call with a mysterious phrase that starts a person on a killing spree. Well, they’re using similar programming on Hollywood starlets, too, and you’ll see exactly how they plant subconscious suggestions and triggers in the video.

For more info, see my post Illuminati Symbolism In The Fashion Industry, or research the website Vigilant Citizen.


Title: LEAKED: MK ULTRA Programming Film – WATCH WITH CAU (YT link) Uploaded by Rob Brave New Media.

By raymondtowers

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