Bible Fiction: History Channel’s Banned From The Bible

Bible Apologists will stumble all over this documentary from the History Channel. It details books that were very popular among early Christians, and that were considered just as holy as the books that were canonized in the the Holy Roman Bible, but which were rejected and banned by Emperor Constantine in his quest to unite Rome. There are a number of omissions and inconsistencies when comparing the stories in these banned books to what is considered as the inspired word of God.

Of note: The Ethiopian Bible is much closer to the original accepted writings at the time of Jesus, than the Roman version is, because of how isolated Ethiopia was from Rome. Also, for all those turkeys that claim the Dead Sea Scrolls confirm the Bible, I’d like to point out that the Book of Jubilees and the Book of Enoch were also included in the Dead Sea collection, so why aren’t they in the canonized Bible? You cannot pick and choose, when these forbidden books were right there along with the official ones. Lastly, the banned books in the Nag Hammadi Library, in my opinion, should be considered as more valuable than the Bible, because they teach that the human mind holds the true answers to humanity’s many questions, and those answers have never been found under the Pope’s pointed hat.

Title: Mysteries Of The Bible Banned From The Bible (YT link) Uploaded by crazyloverofjesus.

By raymondtowers

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