New World Order: The Secrets Of Hotel Zaza And Room 322

Nice picture to have in your hotel room, right?

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It looks like somebody got caught with their pants down.

The Hotel Zaza has two boutique hotels, one in Dallas, one in Houston, and soon, there will be a third hotel in Austin. These are luxury accommodations, and Houston branch boasts several one of a kind, themed rooms such as the Rock Star Suite and the Tycoon Suite. Here’s a link to the hotel’s official website, and a link to their their themed room page. The last time I checked the reservations area, these concept suites ranged in price from $500 to $2500 a night, so they’re quite pricey for a guy like me.

In their Magnificent Seven and Concept Suite pages, there is one room you aren’t going to see. This would be Room 322, as in the Masonic number 322. What’s in Room 322? Well, I couldn’t find the damage control room on the website anymore, but here’s what the hotel wanted you to think was in Room 322, which I previously copied from their website:

Jailhouse Rock – The Verdict on Room 322

You’ve been sentenced to Hard Times, consider this your A&O. While compact, your cell is well-equipped with all the comforts of home. Featuring coveted balcony views of the rec yard, you’ll be able to debunk the hearsay as you gather evidence that room 322 is rockin’. We’ll bare the burden of proof, because no one’s ever accused Zaza of being too much fun!

One Night Accommodations in Room 322

Motive Cocktail at the Chow Hall

Orange Prison Jumpsuit

Complimentary Transportation in the ZaZa Cop Car*

$50 for Commissary

Complimentary Valet Parking

It doesn’t sound that bad, right? Just some cool way to spend the night. Wrong! This was the hotel in damage control mode. A hotel guest was accidentally booked into room 322, and he got all the way into the room and got a good look at it. Not liking the feel of the room at all, he complained. The hotel sent him this message and told him to forget he ever saw the room:

Alleged message between the hotel and the guest.

Hotel: In exchange for a sum of $1,000.00 dollars wired to the account of your choice, please delete your submission/respond to no further inquiries regarding the hotel matter. Payment shall be made in 15 days if the request is honored. Thank you.

Guest: how about a cash drop at a location of my choosing?

Hotel: Choose your location.

Good thing he got some pictures. As the story goes, the guest probably pocketed the money, but this person passed the pictures to a buddy, who went ahead and posted them online. You tell me, does this look like the theme of this room is Jailhouse Rock?

View walking into bedroom.

View from chair in room.

Left side.

Right side.

Picture 1.

Picture 2.

According to the original guest, this room is 1/3 the size of other Zaza rooms. This brick wall doesn’t seem to belong here, and the guest speculated there was a hidden room behind it. The mirror could be a two-way mirror, and there is no carpet, but bare concrete floor.

False brick wall pushes the bed into the center of room.

Note chains on both sides of bed, and distinctive hotel ‘Z’ logo on lamp.

Note how cramped the room is, the hotel logo on the pillow, and the bare concrete floor.

So, who’s this asshole?

Smiling asshole picture high on wall.

This is Jay Comeaux. From the article on Bloomberg Business WeekThe U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission accused four former executives of R. Allen Stanford’s Houston-based brokerage of facilitating the sale of bogus investments that fueled a $7 billion Ponzi scheme.

Top officials at the Stanford Financial Group Co. unit willfully aided and abetted the fraud, which unraveled in February 2009, the SEC said today in an administrative order. The agency named Jay Comeaux, the brokerage’s president from 1996 to 2005, his successor Daniel Bogar, private client group head Jason Green and Bernerd Young, a former regulator who became chief compliance officer.

Comeaux settled the claims without admitting or denying the allegations and agreed to be barred from associating with a broker or investment adviser.

Jay Comeaux in the Zaza Hotel, 2006.

Comeaux went to Louisiana State University (LSU), and was part of the Delta Kappa Epsilon (DKE) fraternity, which happens to include a secret society that calls itself the Friars. Who are the Friars?

The Friars Club, founded in the Winter of 1908, is a social club and secret society on the campus of Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. Upon its founding its goal was to revive the Zeta Zeta chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon of Centenary College of Louisiana, formerly of Jackson, Louisiana. The chapter had closed its doors at the outbreak of the American Civil War, when all of its members enlisted. (From the Friar’s Wiki article.)

You will notice that a chapter of the DKE fraternity was the Zeta Zetas. Is it a coincidence that the name of this hotel is Zaza? Is it a coincidence that the room number is 322, one of the New World Order and secret society’s favorite numbers? There’s the evidence; make up your own mind. Oh, and the Houston Chronicle was also doing damage control, when it tried to play down the significance of this room in a fluff piece, as seen below. This is hard proof of how the media deceives us. Italics mine.

From the article on ChronCuriously, there’s also a portrait of a man who appears to be former Stanford Financial Group executive Jay Comeaux.

“This particular room, 322, also known as ‘Hard Times,’ is compact in size but well-equipped, and a playful spin on a jail experience.”

The Hard Times room starts at $180 per night. Coots says a similar room on the same floor is designed to look like a ship’s cabin and is highly requested for its balcony, which overlooks the pool. (Note the misdirection by adding unrelated details.)

Robinson was moved to a more traditional room after his first night, and Coots says that while ZaZa wants every guest to have a memorable experience, if the room is not to a guest’s taste, the hotel will make efforts to accommodate that.

“It’s definitely a wacky experience for someone who’s looking for that feel,” Robinson said.

(Does any of that look like a ‘Jailhouse Rock’ or ‘Hard Times’ theme? See additional pictures, and download a Zip file for your own personal photo collection, over at Imgur. These pictures are also available for viewing on my Photobucket page.)

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