Flat Earth Theory: More Hard Proof The Earth Is Flat, Documentary

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Now, at this point I’m not saying the Flat Earth is a certainty. What I am saying is that there are some compelling arguments for that hypothesis in this video, and in other videos I’ve watched recently. What does it mean? Flat Earth Theory refutes the existence of space travel, satellites, Earth rotation, and a bunch of other things. Say this were true. How would it affect the control The Powers That Be have over humanity? What would they lose if it were known that the Earth was flat and stationary?

I keep going back to my friend Matt, who described the situation here on Earth as a controlled experiment. I feel as if humanity is inside a cosmic Petrie dish, and God, the real God, is out there watching us in a laboratory microscope. How does this tie in with the Enlightenment of the soul, demonic spirits, UFOs, and other metaphysical and supernatural concepts? This is a whole new section of the gigantic puzzle I’ve been working to solve during my entire life, and I don’t know where to begin putting all these new pieces.

Title: The Flat Earth Conspiracy Documentary (YT link) Uploaded by Eric Dubay.

By raymondtowers

9 comments on “Flat Earth Theory: More Hard Proof The Earth Is Flat, Documentary

  1. If you believe in relativity then of course the observer is supreme and hence if he sees earth as flat then it must be flat, round earth may be in space but our earth is flat, by the way if anyone of you are interested in quizzes then this site can be of great value.

  2. relativity, gravity, heliocentrism and darwinism go out the window as soon as you realise the earth is not spinning, as we have all been brainwashed over and over again to believe.

    then when you really look into it, and figure out the bible is the only place where the world we inhabit is described accurately, all of those questions on ufos, demons & the supernatural etc. come into clear focus.

    and the end times really are here, aren’t they?
    this is the key to their deception though – figure out the earth is the only living place in a small universe that is arranged around us and for us, and you will figure out exactly what your path should be right now.

  3. The earth is not flat it is convex. I made it that way to stop all the water from running over edge. Oh humanity! So stupid.
    Signed. God

  4. But, this is not a documentary. This is just YET another video collage of images and clips from other videos tied together, and adding disturbing music in the background. Surely, this video cannot be regarded AS HARD EVIDENCE AT ALL – Mostly because the science used in it is nonsense.

    • The meaning of the word documentary can be debated. Here is the Wikipedia definition: A documentary film is a nonfictional motion picture intended to document some aspect of reality, primarily for the purposes of instruction or maintaining a historical record.

      Your reality is not necessarily the same reality as someone else’s reality. According to the principles of Quantum Physics, reality is subjective. On this blog, I welcome all viewpoints, as long as those viewpoints can in some way be backed up by strong speculation, research or science. I would welcome for you to send me a good link or two to a documentary which breaks down the arguments from the Flat Earth crowd, as all I’ve been able to find are short clips based on opinion and that usually insult the Flat Earthers.

      If you stand for the round Earth, the pear-shaped Earth, or the Earth that bulges in the middle, by all means, help prove your case. NASA HAS NEVER PRODUCED HARD EVIDENCE FOR A ROUND EARTH, they’ve only given us ONE PICTURE in 1973, and ONE PICTURE in 2015. Now we have ANOTHER CARTOON as their proof.

      Come on, Kenni, let’s see your proof.

      Thank you for your comment.

  5. Hello raymondtowers,

    I’ve watched a great number of them, this one;

    is a mix of clips but covers most arguments; although I’ve not yet come across any tackling precession, other than denying it, perhaps it’s only a theory?

    Anyway, I’m fairly convinced by the absence of any proof of the globe or space – other than some made up pictures/CGI. Antarctica is worth a good look at too, historically speaking.

    Having got that far out of the matrix, I’m now trying to work out how to get out of the ant farm.

    • Thank you for your comment. I have watched and posted the video. It’s a good video! The Powers That Be know that too many people are waking up to their deceptions, and they’re really working hard to divide us and makes us fight among ourselves. If you can do something artistic or expressive, I suggest you follow that path, because is exactly what we need right now to counter the fear that the governments and media are drowning us with. Be the Light you want to see in the world.

      Don’t waste your time with the sheep, do what you can to find the others.

  6. I believe that the question could be convincingly answered if the large telescopes on Hawaii were used. Most of them are located at an elevation of about 12,000 feet. If they were deflected and pointed at either the coast of the Americas or to the coast of Asia then they should clearly be able to see them with their powerful magnification if indeed the earth is flat.

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