Before The Moon Existed – Article 3 by Raymond Towers

In a recent blog post, Crrow777 described having received an email with some tantalizing information, as regarding the potential hologram Moon. A link was presented leading to a research site in the Russian language. Crrow777 did his own translations of the email and various links presented. I’ve decided to focus on the research site using Google translate. After having done a good amount of research already into the origins of the Moon from having watched a number of documentaries, and as I am currently in the midst of studying a large number of written articles, I feel somewhat qualified to take on this task. See my previous blog post Crrow777: Email Describes Russian Research On Hologram Moon or search this blog for Crrow777 to scrutinize his findings regarding the now 10 lunar holographic waves captured on video so far, or on his other research into Chemtrails and space anomalies.

Here is a link to the website using Google translate, going from Russian to English. Here is a link to the original website in Russian.

In the heading, the name Khatib Alexander appears just above the word Moon. I clicked on the Alexander link and went to a page that has a list of this researcher’s articles. Here is a list of this man’s credentials:

Education: Bauman Moscow State Technical University, 1969 Specialization: – Mathematics – Physics – Chemistry – Biology – Medicine – celestial mechanics

There are, at a quick count, over 50 articles listed on various topics ranging from reincarnation to insulin. I could not find anything on Khatib Alexander from a source other than these web pages, but I’ll move on to give excerpts of what this Moon article states. The translation is necessarily choppy thanks to the limitations of the Google translating engine.

Luna – a special object of the solar system. Has its own UFO Earth lives on the lunar calendar. The main object of worship for Muslims. On the Moon, no one has ever been (arrival of Americans to the moon – it’s a cartoon, filmed on Earth). 3 Moon arrived. 2 Moon to destroy the planet (Phaeton), who blew herself up.

[This more or less goes along with my other research. The idea is that the Earth once had two natural moons, but both were destroyed. A planet once orbited between Mars and Jupiter, but it went through a war so devastating that half of the planet was destroyed, and the other half allegedly became Earth. This planet’s name was Tiamat (Babylon) or Marduk (also Maldek, as seen in Theosophy and The Law Of One by Ra). I haven’t gotten to Sumerian myth yet, but I’ve gathered already that there is a similar legend to be found there.]

  1. The ionic structure consists of ion formation almost the entire table ionic structures cubic structure with a predominance of S (sulfur) and radioactive rare earth elements. Moon’s surface is formed by sputtering, followed by heating. On the surface of the moon is nothing. The moon has two faces – external and internal. The area of the outer surface- 120 * 10 6 km 2 (code of the Moon – a set of N 120), the inner surface- 116 * 10 10 m 2 (mask code). The side facing the Earth, thinner at 184 km. The center of gravity is located at the geometric center.

[In reading the statement that the Moon has two faces, Crrow777 allows the possibility that this means there is a holographic image, and the true face of the Moon is hidden underneath. I can’t completely agree with this because it would invalidate too much modern research. I understand that NASA lies to the American public all the time, and I waver between there having been an actual Moon landing or not, but for the moment I’ll say I’m open to all theories, because Crrow777 is filming some incredible oddities when it comes to the Moon.]

Inside the Moon has everything necessary for life 66:

– Individual lighting 53.875875 octave (beta);

– Acceleration of 1.52 g (inside);

– On the surface of 1,633 g;

– 120 lux / square meter lighting;

– 64 oct software life;

– Other octaves necessary for life support.

The average loss of up to 45%, to reach 50-55% of the Earth radiation.

[I’m not technically knowledgeable enough to comment on the above details.]

All complexes are protected and do not reveal themselves even at work. At the time of the pulse (radiation) may not significantly change the speed of rotation or orbit of the Moon. Payment – at the expense of directional radiation 43. This octave octave octave lattice coincides with the Earth and is not harmful. Complexes on the moon are designed primarily to maintain an autonomous life support and in – Secondly, to ensure (In the case of excess charge equivalent) life support systems on Earth. The main task – do not change the albedo of the solar system, and due to the difference of characteristics, taking into account the correction of the orbit, the task is completed. Geometrically in the pre-existing forms of law, which allows to withstand 28.5-day cycle change the order of radiation (the so-called phase of the moon), perfectly inscribed pyramid correction that has completed the design of the complex. There are 4 phases. Full Moon has a radiation power 1, the remaining phase – 3/4, 1/2, 1/4. Each phase – 6.25 days, 4 days no radiation. The clock frequency of the octave (except 54) – 128.0 but the clock frequency is low density and, therefore, the brightness is small in the optical range. When the orbit correction used clock frequency 53,375. However, this may change the frequency of the upper atmosphere grating and the diffraction effect may be observed. In particular, the amount of the Earth Moon can be 3, 6, 12, 24, 36. This effect may last up to 4 hours after which the grating is recovered through the Earth. Long-term correction (in violation of the albedo of the Solar System) may lead to optical illusion, but it is possible the elimination of a layer of protection.

[Okay, what I get from this last section is that the processes within the Moon are concealed, as long as they don’t run counter to the way the solar system works. The way the Moon rotates gives off varying amounts of radiation, or light. At times, the wavelengths of light coming from the Moon may not jive with the rest of the solar system, when they reach the Earth, and the true Moon may briefly be revealed but the effect will soon correct itself.]

  1. The role of the moon. Science knows a huge role in the life support system of the Moon Earth. Here are just a few examples.

– At full moon partial weakening Earth’s gravity causes the plants to absorb more water and minerals from the soil, so at this time the collected herbs have a particularly strong effect.

– Moon, because of the proximity to the Earth, strongly affects its gravitational field on the terrestrial biosphere and causes, in particular, changes in the magnetic field of the Earth. The rhythm of the moon causes the tides in the biosphere change night light, air pressure, temperature, wind and Earth’s magnetic field, as well as the water level.

– Plant growth and crop depend on the stellar rhythm of the moon (the period of 27.3 days), and the activity of animals, hunting at night or in the evening – the degree of brightness of the moon.

– In the waning moon was reduced plant growth when the moon was coming – increased.

– The full moon affects the growth of crime (aggression) in humans.

– Time of oocyte maturation in women is associated with the rhythm of the moon. Women tend to produce an egg in the phase of the moon when she was born herself.

– When the full moon and new moon the number of women with menstruation reaches 100%.

– During the waning phase of the increasing number of boys are born, and reduced the number of girls.

– Weddings usually carried out during the ascending moon.

– With increasing Moon sow something that grows over the surface of the Earth, with decreasing – on the contrary (tubers, roots).

– Lumberjack cutting down trees at the waning moon, because tree contains it times less moisture and no longer subjected to rotting.

– When the full moon and new moon there is a tendency to decrease uric acid in the blood, 4th day after the new moon – the lowest rates.

– Vaccinations under the full moon is doomed to failure.

– When the full moon worsen lung disease, whooping cough, allergy.

– Color vision in humans is subject to the lunar periodicity.

– When the full moon – the increased activity at the new moon – reduced.

– Trim made under the full moon.

– Easter – the first Sunday after the vernal equinox, the first day Full moon.

Such examples are hundreds, but the fact that the moon is a significant impact on all aspects of life on Earth, can be seen from the above examples. What do we know about the moon? This is what is shown in the tables on the solar system.

[Heavy stuff here, as far as programming living organisms on planet Earth. Notice how when the full Moon blooms, a lot of things are more receptive or open, and when the Moon wanes, a lot of things are closed off or reduced. For a take on how the vernal equinox on March 20 should be our first day of the year, see my blog post Articles: Do You Know What Year It Is? By Crrow777.

There follows a lot of mathematical equation. If you are so inclined, feel free to check out the article. Some of the highlights are:

  1. The Earth moves in a spiral, and not in a circular orbit. I understood this from some earlier documentary.
  2. The Earth is under a very rigidly controlled circulating system of life support. Even a tiny change in factors would be catastrophic to all living things. I’m not sure I agree with this completely, especially if there is life on other planets without moons as large as our Luna. You could say that the Moon is like the main gear in a clock, and without that gear in its proper motion, the rest of the clock would be ruined.
  3. Time is relative to whatever planetary body a person or being is standing on. A second on Earth is not the same as a second on Mars, for example. Mathematically, this guys says he can prove it.
  4. This is highly interesting. Alexander states that the doorway to the Great Pyramid at Giza is calculated in such a way as to suggest it being built before or just after the appearance of the Moon. Thanks to the arrival of the Moon, the angle of inclination at the equator has changed. See my blog posts on Purple Dawn Theory, which lean toward the pyramids and other great structures being built before the time of the Sun and the Moon, and when Saturn was the chief planet ruling over the Earth. In specific, Alexander refers to the pyramid as pointing to the star Megrez in the constellation Ursa Major.

I get mathematically lost in the next section. Alexander claims to have deciphered the frequencies being sent from the Moon to Earth, and that they are partially encoded in the Fibonacci sequence. This sequence is a series of specific numbers spiraling out in an exponential way, and is found throughout all of nature. (I don’t have a dedicated post on this, but I’m sure I’ve seen this referenced dozens of times in some of my mind / spiritual documentaries.) This is tied in to the eight chords of music, the English, Hebrew, and Russian alphabets, and the idea of a complex code hidden within a simple code.

Think that was something; well, get this. Alexander contends that the Moon reflects nothing. Instead, the frequency of the Sun and the Moon, combined with the location on Earth, allows beings on Earth to see the Moon. When the program is reset, the Moon will be in its 3rd phase, and will have a ring around it. There is some speculation that the rings around Saturn serve to resonate certain frequencies toward Earth, as in a control mechanism, and personalities such as David Icke contend that the Moon is blocking frequencies from other planets and sending out its own to Earth.

The Moon is a supercomputer, and this will be agreed to by a number of future references in this series. It has gained a vast trove of knowledge after coming into orbit with other planets in the past, and uses this knowledge to send and adjust frequencies to either permit or restrict life on its orbited planet. Either way, this is a form of control, but without the Moon, we might not exist at all in the way human beings exist now. Alexander suggests that 3 moons at once are optimal. Here is another fascinating section:]

  1. Easter. All controls Earth synchronized clock cycle given by the Sun, taking into account the motion of the moon. Movement of the Moon around the Earth – it synodic month (P) Saros cycle, or a metonym. Calculation – by the formula ST = PT – PS. The calculated value = 29.53059413580 .. or 29 d 12 h 51 m 36 “. Earth’s population is divided into three genotypes: 42 (general population, more than 5 billion people.), 44 (“golden billion” with the brain, brought from the satellites of the planets) and 46 (“golden million” 1200000 man dropped off the planet Sun). Note that the sun – a planet, not a star, its size does not exceed the size of the Earth. To translate genotype 42, 44 and 46, there is Easter, or a certain day, when the moon makes clear the program. Prior to 2009, all Easter conducted only in phase III of the Moon. By 2009, the formation of genotypes 44 and 46 is completed and you can destroy the genotype of 42, because Easter 2009-04-19 will be held at the new moon (phase I), and the control system of the Earth will destroy genotype 42 in a withdrawal Moon residues of the brain. On the destruction have 3 years (2012 – end)…
  2. Moon Objects (UFO). All the “lunatics” are inside the moon. The atmosphere of the moon is only necessary for the control and the existence in this atmosphere without protection is impossible. To control the surface and the atmosphere moon has its own objects (UFOs). This – mainly machines, but some of them manned. Maximum lifting height is less than 2 km from the surface. “Sleepwalkers” are not designed for life on Earth, they are quite comfortable conditions for doing business and leisure. Total lunar object 242 (36 types), 16 of them manned. Similar facilities are available on some satellites (and on Phobos, too).
  3. Protection of the Moon. Luna – a special object, because a reliable protection. The moon can not fall meteorite – he was sent in the best case on the Earth, but the occasional meteorites fall on the Sun and disappear in his crown. When approaching meteorite moon activates the anti-gravity belt (in the sector to seize the land it is not), and any changes the trajectory of a meteorite. Moon – the only moon in communication with Sur – planet under Megrez, 4 star Big Dipper.

[Again, if you can handle the math, go ahead and take your own look at the article. It is replete with calculations and projections.]


5 comments on “Before The Moon Existed – Article 3 by Raymond Towers

    • I have skimmed through a couple of sites with Hatybov’s research on it. I haven’t had the time to really get into it, as I have a lot of other things I’m working on. On top of that, Hatybov looks to have worked on a lot of different projects. If you’re doing some of this research on your own, send your findings over and I’ll post them on this blog. I’ve got another article I want to post from a guy who questions if Pluto is round or has a different shape than what we’re being told, so look for that to come out soon, too.

      • Hey Raymond, thanks for getting back to me. I have actually posted a couple of Hatybov / Hatibow articles here :

        I’m trying to get into the who origins of the spider race this alleged individual has discussed and was curious if you had moved into that area yet. Lots of crazy stuff, and I have found some interesting links. The pluto article sounds very good – looking forward to it. I know Crrow777 did an interesting take on the NASA/Pluto stuff too. Anyway, if you want any links or more articles to peruse, let me know. Thanks again!

      • Hi James,
        I have been following Crrow’s work very closely, and I have been looking for a second source, other than Hatybov, to mention spider-type alien creatures. I’ve read and watched a lot of UFO and alien abduction material, but there is nothing I can get a good lead on for that kind of alien species in Moon speculation, UFO reports, or ancient mythology.
        This reminds of of Philip K. Dick’s claims about pink crab-shaped extraterrestrials. Allegedly, Dick received psychic information about them from the Black Knight space anomaly, which he called Valis (Vast Active Living Intelligence System). The Black Knight is a verified anomaly, and there were radio signals that a radio astronomer traced back to Epsilon Bootes.

        The Black Knight Space Anomaly: 13,000 Year Old Satellite

        Anyway, send your links! It’s tough sometimes because I think I’m the only one who’s doing any kind of digging into subjects like this. I’d love to see what you’ve come up with, and I will check out your blog soon.


  1. Thanks Ray, do you have an email I can send stuff over to?

    Here is what I’ve posted so far on the Hatybov stuff : – sort of an overview – an overview on the supersystem, system, subsystem stuff – this one is on ufos per hatybov

    I am hoping the most recent one with a brief biography opens up some contact info…we’ll see. there is allegedly cassettes of his work in existence

    Have a good one – thanks again!

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