Secure Team 10: Girl Takes Pictures Of UFO Directly Before Abduction

Not much info is given by SC10 on the details, for the privacy of the witness. For another case of UFO abduction, see my post Prophecy: Amaury Rivera – Puerto Rico Asteroid, UFO Abduction 1988.


By raymondtowers

7 comments on “Secure Team 10: Girl Takes Pictures Of UFO Directly Before Abduction

  1. I left a comment not to long ago but it seems to have disappeared for some reason…i tried again to leave a reply and again something weird (a rectangular outline -pink neon flashing vibrantly) and all of a sudden SC 10 disappeared and some other site appeared all by itself…a site that had nothing to do with SC10…anyways I’ll never know why the above took place…I know that the pics that the girl near area 51 snapped are real because I have encountered unidentified flying objects in the past and the thing that gets me is that they (UFO’s) don’t make any sound…one of many things that puzzles me is i would like to know what the alien diet consists of – do they eat moon rocks – or do they eat something else and i know that the scientists that performed the autopsy on the two aliens that crashed in or near area 51 would know what they consumed to survive…because everything or everyone that moves has to eat to stay alive. What’s your thoughts on this Tyler.

    • I’m sorry, but I am not affiliated with Secure Team. I only post their videos when I find something interesting that fits into this blog. You should visit their Youtube page and leave a message there.

    • Yeah, I was following ST10 and 3rd Phase more for entertainment than for news. I was especially peeved after ST10 posted a debunking video on Planet X, despite several legit researchers showing thousands of pictures from all over the world to at least warrant a closer investigation. (Not to mention an anonymous physicist who has produced several white papers on the subject.)

      I see that your channel is all about debunking UFO videos. This is fine; we do need people to expose the truth in every case. Have you come across any channels that are at least 50% credible?

  2. Has anyone yet drew a comparison or found similarities between the Jacksonville ‘Black Night’ video, the transforming object filmed over downtown Cincinnati being chased by UH60s early 2016, and both instances in Dayton, OH, firstly the Fox broadcast of an eerily similar object hovering over Wright Patterson AFB, Dayton, OH, and earlier photos documenting the first event of this, presumedly, same ship as it suddenly appeared in the skies above Dayton in daylight finally settling, again, dominantly over WPAFB and halting its highly rafficed and restricted airspace.

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