New World Order: Exposing Crisis Actor Victoria Munoz In 5 Events

This is a follow-up to my previous post False Flag: Same CNN Crisis Actor Bitch Caught At 4 Different Events.


This lady gets around. Here is a list of the 5 events:

1. False Flag Sandy Hook :Friend of Nancy Lanza. She is introduced as Victoria Munoz. She ignores the question of how she knew Nancy and went into a vague, generic description of Nancy’s attitude.

2. False Flag Boston Marathon bombing: Her accent is very different here, but her face is similar.

3. Watertown: Definitely the same as No. 2.

4. Albuquerque: Glasses are similar in all 4 events. Face is similar. Maybe, maybe not this is the same woman. Tough call.

5. Philadelphia: Pointed out by Pete Santilli in my previous post.

My opinion is that in all 5 cases, the woman’s face and the glasses have the same general shape. Numbers 1, 2, and 3 are definitely the same woman to me, despite the variation in accents. I tried searching for Brenda Vaca King from No. 4, but I could find no other pictures of her on the internet for further comparison. 2:22 into the video shows a good shot of all 4 faces. The video goes on to state that Victoria Munoz is the same as Columbian’s Adriana Victoria Munoz, which I doubted very much at first. However, I found this video comparing the two women, and saw a close likeness in the chin and bump on the lip, on the right side of her face. I think the Columbian woman is the same woman, when taking into account the passing of several years. The woman in the Riverwood profile is also the same as 2,3, and 4. The jury is out on No. 5 because I can’t get a good look at her.

Older picture. Is this her?

Older picture. Is this her?

In the above picture, this woman has large and distinctive ears. Notice how in all of the video images Munoz has her ears completely covered up. Okay, I’m retracting my statement that Adriana Victoria Munoz is the same as Crisis Actor Victoria Munoz. I found recent videos off AVM from 2010 and 2013. This Secretary of Transportation and Transit is not the same woman. I looked her up in Spanish!

(Note: I’ve come across two old YT False Flag videos now, where the comments section has been wiped clean. I know the comments have been deleted because I nearly always check them for additional links or info.)

Title: “Crisis actress” BUSTED: Adriana Victoria Muñoz fully EXPOSED!!!!! (YT link) Uploaded by Still Speaking Out.

By raymondtowers

One comment on “New World Order: Exposing Crisis Actor Victoria Munoz In 5 Events

  1. Look up professordoom1 A Closer Look at San Bernardino youtube video near the end Victoria Munoz appears as a member of the gated community making comment on camera. She has sunglasses on, but definitely her.

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