5 Disturbing Deep Web Stories (Not For The Squeamish)

Spare yourself a lot of horror and revulsion. Don’t go there. I have my reasons for visiting this dreadful place, mostly because I was a sanitized American who didn’t understand the evil people are capable of. I found it. Go check out my Humor or Music sections, please. If you really want to know what I discovered there, you may continue.

I got access to the Deep Web back when 4chan was having an internet war with the pedophiles. The pedos were leaving a lot of child porn on 4chan, and 4chan retaliated by going after their websites on the Dark Web, or Dark Net. Later, 4chan allegedly turned over their findings to the FBI. I used Tor, but I got so disgusted I later got rid of it.

I found all of the sites mentioned in the video: sites for drugs, robbery and murder, complete with links on how to contact the suppliers and for making payments. I went to the Hidden Wiki, but most of the links were inactive. I found anarchy sites, pirated music and book sites, and cannibal sites. I found a ton of places with mislabeled links, that always led me to child porn. I’d say 75% of the Dark Web was child porn. I heard there were sites where modern gladiators fought against animals in fighting pits, with people betting on the outcome, but I never found them. I found links to government websites with thousands of aerial or satellite pictures of various regions, and they were all grouped together with a heading that implied that UFOs might be in those pictures. I searched through hundreds and hundreds of these pictures, which are buried deep, deep in these govt. sites, and I guess these are normally impossible to access unless you have a direct link to them, but I never found the evidence I was looking for.

I found some images and videos to things I can’t even mention here, as reported in that last story in the video. Again, do yourself a favor. Don’t go there, ever.

Title: 5 Disturbing Deep Web Stories (YT link) Uploaded by Top 5 Unknowns.

By raymondtowers

2 comments on “5 Disturbing Deep Web Stories (Not For The Squeamish)

  1. I wanted to ask u is dark web uncontrollable or is any organisation not working to kill deep web or tor and my second question is that whether should i go to dark web sites or not……

    • 1. The dark web is largely uncontrollable, because Tor causes your ip address to become hidden. That means that people can say anything or post anything without worrying about being caught.

      2. As far as I know, no organization is trying to shut down the deep / dark web. As long as people use private servers and keep their ip anonymous, I don’t think it can be shut down.

      3. Going onto the dark web is up to you. Most of what is available on the dark web is already available on the regular web. It is not easy to navigate through the dark web, because you really have to dig deep to find links. Sometimes, people give each other direct links. This means they are not available unless you ask somebody for them. Search engines are minimal, and many links will be outdated or not be found. Having a search engine is contrary to the purpose of the dark web, because people want to keep their links hidden.

      I write horror, but that is all fantasy from my mind. To actually see violence and torture being done on people is too much for me. Also, the child pornography is not just naked children. It is graphic. This includes child abuse and child torture. I found that many links were intentionally mislabeled and led to child porn pages.

      The dark web is not fun and games. It will turn you stomach. There are things on it that cannot be unseen, and so you will change as a person. The corruption there will taint you soul. I have met child abusers before, but to actually see these people committing their acts is repulsive, and so I see child abusers very differently now.

      Go to Rotten dot com or Live Leaks and watch some of the grisly content there. Download pirated movies, music or books through a torrent site. Find a conspiracy forum on the regular web. What else is there? I am a pretty thorough researcher, and I did not find any sort of government intelligence or secret files worthy of posting on my blog. If other people have found such things, they haven’t been talked about in the 3 conspiracy forums I usually go to. If you want to murder someone and are looking to hire a killer, or if you like watching children suffering, then maybe you belong there. Otherwise, stay out.

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