Texas Stonehenge: The Standing, Worshiping Stones Of Gilmer

From the Youtube description: “This is a place i was shown 15 years ago. Located in East Texas between Gilmer and Holly Lake. Its a set of 8 huge stones that are set perfectly with true north. Its on a back-road that you have to park at an old oil pump. Then jump a fence and walk a wooded walkway for a quarter mile. Then it opens up to a perfectly manicured grass field surrounded by pines. The field is almost 200yds in diameter. I have researched its purpose to no avail. Only located silly ghost stories on the web. The most northern stone stands at almost 40 ft. The only clue to who owns or the purpose is a head stone at the edge of the woods that says ” THE STANDING STONES ” followed by 4 mans names. After researching the names their is no local or semi local hits on these gentleman. Its private property and their are all sorts of fictitious reasons for its creation. I feel its a memorial.” Jason Roland

Title: The Standing Stones, Texas Stonehenge (Worshiping Stones) Gilmer, TX (YT link) Uploaded by East Texas UFOs.

By raymondtowers

2 comments on “Texas Stonehenge: The Standing, Worshiping Stones Of Gilmer

  1. Questions can be answered and I need to find the location of the stones.I’m from Gilmer and I’m having trouble finding the location.

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