Article: How BP Unleashed Flesh-Eating Bacteria Into The Gulf Of Mexico

Update: Search this blog for Gulf Blue Plague to see relevant videos for this story.

I came across this story on a GLP thread, and it led me to a bunch of previous threads and news links. The gist of it is that British Petroleum created a synthetic microbe named Synthia, to eat up oil spills, They knew this was a toxic and dangerous substance after the Exxon Valdez oil disaster, but they went ahead and used the same thing in the Gulf Of Mexico. Now people are being warned to stay out of the water, because a flesh-eating bacteria is causing people with open sores to become infected, and in some cases reportedly even to have their limbs amputated.

From the June 2014 GLP thread The Most Important Read Of Your Life, by Newton’s Own: Synthetic Genomics was co-founded by Dr. J. Craig Venter to commercialize genomic-driven technologies. Genomics is the scientific study of the entire DNA sequence of an organism’s genome. A genome is all the genetic information in the chromosomes of an organism, including its genes and DNA sequences.

This addition, sought to use the naturally occurring, oil eating bacteria found in the ground, usually in petroleum, and through DNA sequencing, created a natural organism composing of the genomes of several different varieties of oil eating bacteria. The goal was two-fold. One, create an organism to be injected into oil wells and start eating oil, in the process creating carbon dioxide gas which would pressurize the wells and improve the flow of gas and oil. This is MEOR, or microbial enhanced oil recovery, and 2 to better clean up or “eat” oil in case of spills. They succeeded, and Venter filed patents under the company name JCVI.

In short, BP needed a new microbe. The old, natural ones just weren’t enough to get the job done. So Venter played Dr. Frankenstien and by 2010, had created a synthetic bacterial organism with computer designed DNA that was self replicating. It has absolutely ZERO natural DNA. He called it Synthia. The tiny microbe contains added watermark chains to identify it as artificial. It is also, mindbogglingly, completely immune to antibiotics and has a voracious appetite for eating hydrocarbons. Or just carbon. We are made of carbon, as is all life.

Anyway, this microbe they put in the place of the COREXIT used at the Exxon-Valdez spill. Numerous danger signs and warning bells were sounded by the EPA, OSHA and Coast Guard once BP began spraying “COREXIT” or Synthia all over the damn place. BP had safer dispersants and was even asked by the EPA to use JD2000 instead because it was much safer. BP said no. They didn’t have enough, they said.

So BP sprays this shit ALL OVER THE PLACE. The water, and the shoreline. Injected in deep underwater. All to “break up” the oil, which is ALL still there, BTW. BP’s super oil eater wasn’t eating oil, but it killed every living creature that came near it. Many, many sailors helping in the clean up got very sick. Some died. This continued for some time. Massive, diverse and thorough kills of ocean going creatures quickly followed and soon, mammal and whale deaths.

You see, the antibiotic Immunity of Synthia is built into its artificial DNA, and Synthia can merge with other bacterial organisms to form, to use a cliche term, a super version of itself, whatever it may be.

Of particular note are Vibius Vulnificus and Necrotizing Fasicitis, both flesh eating bacteria that have been around since Moses and have always been treated with antibiotics. They are, or are becoming, completely immune to antibiotics and are killing many people along the gulf coast.

When these and other diseases augmented by Synthia are consumed into the body through eating seafood or ingesting through water, etc, Synthia causes, LITERALLY, NO BULLSHIT, the MELTING of the central nervous system, massive internal hemmoraging and multiple organ failure, mainly the liver and kidneys.

I spoke with Kathy Birren for about 3 hours yesterday. She was Floridas state representative during the spill, and the one who dared Obama to come on down for a big plate of gulf seafood, twice, after he made the remark in a public appearance that the gulf seafood was safe to eat. He refused. He finally did eat some seafood in Florida somewhere else, but it was actually frozen and brought from somewhere else, east coast or farm raised. It was 100% for sure not fresh Gulf Seafood. She told me so much, her and her husband and I don’t want to betray her trust but this I will share. Many of her close friends are very ill. Very ill. She is very sick, her husband as well. Many, many have died.

They have lost the will to fight, almost. They have received threatning phone calls, surprise health department “inspections” only a couple of weeks apart, and I mean like, full-on anal searches of their business for the slightest violation.

Riki Ott, is the marine toxicologist who supervised the Exxon Valdez spill, and the BP spill. An EXTREMELY knowledgeable woman, needless to say. I am speaking with her tomorrow. She is a close friend of Mrs. Birren. Recently, Mrs. Birren spoke with Mrs. Ott about the beaching and deaths of 37 pilot whales in, IIRC, Sarasota Fl, and Mrs. Ott said this will be what shortly be what happens to humans, because humans are mammals too and are affected similarly, as far as internally.

Mrs. Birren’s husband is a fisherman by trade, for over 30 years, and he has open, raw ulcers all over him, lung issues with blockage and a bad cough. They told me every fisherman they know, which is a shit. ton. almost ALL have the ulcerous lesions too, or the internal version. Blood from the rectum, urine and vomit.

The career shrimpers story I found appalling. They refused to go out and catch shrimp to sell for thier OWN FAMILIES LIVELIHOOD, because they knew the shrimp were not safe to eat. Most had tumors, or no eyes, or extra legs and all were filled inside with black oil.

BP told them that the EPA had a new test to determine if the seafood was safe. They simply just smelled it. If it smelled ok, it was good to go, and to go back to work, they were clear to resume shrimping, never mind the missing eyes, extra legs and penzoil filling. When the shrimpers refused on grounds that they would not deliver such VISIBLY toxic shrimp to their customers, BP CUT THEIR EMERGENCY FUNDING on the grounds that the shrimpers refused to go back to work after the “smell test” was instituted to determine the safety of their catch.

From the August 2015 GLP thread Do Not Go In The Water On The TX Gulf Coast, by First Born: Just got back from Galveston. Step Father is a limo driver… (bored retiree) for a sizeable limo company in the S/E Texas region. Last week he was called to XXXXXXXXX hotel to pick up three doctors and drive them to the airport. One of the Doctors told my Step Father:

We were brought in to assist XXXXXXX Hospital in Galveston with their patient load. He explained that the flooding waters of weeks ago across Texas, dumped an immeasurable amount of fertilizers and farm waste into the rivers which all lead to the TX Gulf. This cocktail has led to bacterial and algae blooms so dense that tourists were almost guaranteed to get sick if they spent any appreciable time in the Ocean.

He continued to explain that “they” were asked to come to Galveston and assist XXXXXXXX Hospital as the in house staff were overwhelmed.

People with multiple MRSA type infections, Eye Infections, Stomach Bugs, Sinus Infections, Throat Infections…. The vast majority testing positive for a variant of a Strept Bacterial infection.

Many presented with a combination of all the above symptoms and had to the life flighted to the mainland. He explained that an extra helo was brought in just to ferry the added workload.

He then told my Step Father to stay the hell away from the water.

From a GLP Anonymous Coward: A high school football coach was fishing off the gulf coast. Scraped his knee on a rock getting out of ocean and 3 days later, had it amputated. Still in hospital. This was 3 to 4 wks ago. His name is Doug James from Amarillo, TX (Palo Duro High School Head Football coach from the 90’s). His wife told the local news the exact same thing. I believe he got flesh eating disease.

From a June 2015 shill article on KFOR Channel 4 News: Swimming in the water in Galveston sounds refreshing, but now experts are comparing it to ‘swimming in a toilet.’ Health officials have asked people to stay out of the Gulf of Mexico after higher-than-normal bacteria levels were found in those areas.

In fact, water samples from 17 of the 52 Galveston area beaches revealed significantly elevated levels of bacteria.

While the health risks of swimming in bacteria-laden water range from having an upset stomach to more serious infections, most officials agree that the dangers are minimal.

“What we want to do is give people the information so they can make their own choices. For me, a healthy adult, I swam this morning. I wouldn’t worry about it. But if I had open sores or I was immuno-compromised I would give it a second thought,” said Chief Peter Davis, with the Galveston Island Beach Patrol.

From the March 2015 story on My Fox Houston: Derry Dunn went to Crystal Beach in Galveston last summer with his family and contracted a potentially deadly disease, Necrotizing Fasciitis, commonly called flesh eating bacteria.

“I don’t remember a whole lot of the month of August because either I was in the hospital or having pain medication. I had two surgeries on my leg where they removed about six inches of flesh on each side of my calf muscle,” Dunn explains.

Nearly losing his leg and dodging a date with death, all because doctors say Dunn likely came down with the disease when he went into the water at Crystal Beach and the bacteria invaded his body through a mosquito bite.

From the April 2015 story on Al.Com: A St. Clair County man recently contracted flesh-eating bacteria, also known as necrotizing fasciitis, and is being treated at UAB Hospital.

Anthony Smothers, who lives with his family in Margaret, has undergone surgery to remove tissue infected with necrotizing fasciitis, according to a family friend. Jennifer Wesson said doctors removed a mass of tissue measuring about 6 inches across, 5 inches wide and a half-inch deep.

Smothers skinned his leg during a softball game in Trussville sometime around Easter weekend. At some point after that, the injury became infected with the dangerous bug.

Goepfert said Smothers has sustained significant damage to his leg, and will need plastic surgery. Right now, the patient is medically stable, and is undergoing antibiotic and hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Goepfert said.

Goepfert said it’s difficult to determine where the bacteria that caused the infection came from. In addition to keeping wounds clean, Goepfert said there are warning signs of infection that should not be ignored. Any injury that gets much worse after a day or two should be checked by a doctor, he said. Swelling, redness and fever can all be signs of infection, Goepfert said.

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