How Jesus Defeated The Saturn Cube by Round Saturn’s Eye

RSE takes a pro-Christian point of view.

First off, if you believe the god of the Old Testament and the god of the New Testament are the same god, you’ve already lost the game. Write down the list of qualities of each deity, and you’ll see they are completely different. As a matter of fact, Jesus displays a lot of qualities of the Divine Feminine and Buddhism as compared with the strict judgmental attributes of Saturn.

What we see in the OT god vs the NT Jesus is a battle for religious allegiance. Saturn cannot allow to Jesus, the Enlightened man, to become known in his followers, which were the early Gnostics. This is why you see Jesus sacrificed with the crown (Chronos), in a purple robe (Saturnian) and on a cross (signifying possibly Planet X, which is know as the Planet Of The Crossing).

RSE sees Jesus as a real person, but Jesus can’t be a real person because he was a reinvention of the sun god Apollo. The Crucifixion did not happen, because early Christian sarcophagi did not show it, or the Last Supper, or the Transfiguration, which were all added in late by the Romans who invented the Bible. See my post Jesus The Magician And Controller Of Demons Part 1

I can’t see this connection RSE points out with the number three. He mentions a Lionel Ritche song as proof. Are you serious? The serpent / woman in black represents knowledge. The reason she’s in black is because this is occult / esoteric / hidden / Mystery School knowledge, which the Sheep aren’t going to understand anyway. The Sheep would rather believe that Satan turned into a real snake and crawled around on the ground. So, the serpent / woman in black / Sophia of the Gnostics has to be vilified, because if humanity became Enlightened, the Saturn controllers would not be able to control us. This is why I will argue that El and Satan are both Saturn, as both preach blind devotion and intolerance to any other faith, as in total control of their worshipers.

Title: How Jesus Defeated Saturn (YT link) Uploaded by Round Saturn’s Eye.

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