Movie: Year Six (Post-Apocalyptic, High School Student Film, Awesome!)

This is a great film, considering that it was produced by a group of high school seniors with very little in the way of funding. It starts off subtle, but it can get gory a bit as it goes on. There are some bits that were spliced together haphazardly, but as the commentary explains, these kids did what they could using what they had available to them. The soundtrack is as amazing as the camerawork. The protagonist’s emotions and drive can be too stoic at times, but in other places they come across perfectly. The big guy is creepy and almost out of place, but overall he does a good job too.

From the Youtube description: Daniel struggles to survive in a post-apocalyptic world, while coping with the loss of everything he once knew and loved.

– (PLEASE READ *POSSIBLE SPOILERS*) We worked on this film as high school seniors with the intent of it being our very first feature length film back in 2011. It was made with a non existent budget, and we did what we could with what we had. Several times the production came to a halt and then picked back up once again, until it finally came to an end completely. We didn’t get to shoot roughly 1/3 of the film, but I was able to salvage what we had shot in order to create it into what you see here. Some scenes had to be moved around, while some were never finished and had to be cut. So if you notice some inconsistencies or continuity errors that’s most likely why, but we figured it was better to make due with what we had shot instead of the project going to waste completely.

Title: Year Six (Post-Apocalyptic) (YT link) Uploaded by Rise And Shine! Productions.

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2 comments on “Movie: Year Six (Post-Apocalyptic, High School Student Film, Awesome!)

    • I know, right? I thought, Noooo! It can’t end like that! This was an amazing movie, and one of the best amateur movies I’ve ever seen. And then you factor in that these weren’t film school students but high school kids, and that they had no budget to work with. I don’t know if the lead ever got his girl back, but since the movie was open-ended, I can use my writer’s imagination to give it a happy ending.

      He found the girl. He had to rescue her from a bad situation, but the whole time she was waiting for him. The closing scene shows him running across a field while holding the girlfriend’s hand. Nobody knows where they are running to, but in his other hand, the hero is holding her locket. Later, he is going to put it around her neck.

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