Byron Preston: Mandela Effect And Geography – The Maps Have Changed!

This is an introductory post, but I’m not sure how deep Preston gets into the math part yet. I agree that a lot geographical lines don’t match up with my own memories, including the placement of South America and the existence of Mongolia. I did research into Norway during 2010 – 2011, while writing my Valkyrie novels (Dobrynia’s Path series), and I did not see that island to the north at all, let alone that it is part of Norway now! Search this blog for ‘Mandela effect’ to see more evidence of alternate realities.

From the Youtube description: This is an introduction to Earth changes. In future videos the Mandela Effect will be explained with Physics and Mathematics. Freemason 33 degree explained in future videos as to how it all ties into String, Superstring and M-Theory. Please e-mail questions to Put all caps in the subject line “MANDELA EFFECT”.

Everyone, please post what you agree with or disagree with. If you are not 100% certain then don’t comment. I left out a bunch of countries due to wanting to put this out ASAP (like Baja California [Mexico] is way too long). Let me know if just a country has moved, where it was or if the shape and position has changed. I’ll compile the list, apply physics and make another video. The goal is to recreate “our” world. Once fine tuned I’ll put out a “polished” video. This first round will be all quick and raw presentations.

Title: Mandela Effect Geography and Maps of the world have changed. (YT link) Uploaded by Byron Preston.

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8 comments on “Byron Preston: Mandela Effect And Geography – The Maps Have Changed!

  1. Hi Byron,

    I just did a Google search for your paper, “Physics of the Bible” and can’t seem to locate it.

    Can you point me to the link or email it to me?

    Thank you for your fascinating work.


  2. Where did Byron go? Is he ok? All of the videos are gone or not working on you and the other channel he has has disappeared also. If anyone has any knowledge, please let us know.

    • Interesting. I know he wasn’t producing videos regularly, but only once or twice a week. I’m surprised to see all of his recent stuff taken down. Either he got fed up or somebody close to him told him to stop.

      Adding to that, Life Matrix has threatened to quit twice, and Bluebeard2011 has gone off the deep end and is blaming aliens and not CERN. For advanced concepts, check my posts by One People Round Table. I’ll look into Photohelix’s channel as well to see what he’s up to.

      Thank you for your post.

  3. Uragruy used to be landlocked by Paraguay for me Montevideo was inland not coastal. Mauritania did not exist in my world Morroco was bigger Algeria smaller boarders of all countries different. Central African Republic did not exist. Johannesburg and Pretoria were not twin cities. Detroit was not on Canadian border. San Diego was not on Mexican boarder.
    Miami was where Tampa is now. Svalbard did not exist. Tokyo was on west side and Japan had 3 islands not linked by bridges. Kazakhstan was way smaller. Hawaii was 3 main Islands and Honolulu was on bottom main islands. Armenia ceased being a country after ww1 in my reality. Those are some of hundreds of changes I see since pulling up Google maps the other day.

    • Good comment with a lot of details! I’m curious because I have lived in San Diego all of my life, since 1970. Where did you think San Diego was in your timeline? The part about Uruguay is interesting as well. I thought about relocating there about 5 years ago, and I figured I had to get used to eating seafood, which I don’t like, because all of the big cities like Montevideo were right on the coast. Bluebeard2011 did a good post on Hawaii. I’ll look it up and leave a link to it later.

      Now, it sounds like you were / are in a timeline where you have massive changes. Take a look at your hometown to see if anything there has changed. If you want to jot down everything you’ve noticed, as in Mandela Effects that you have noticed but not that many other people have reported, I will post it!

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