Mandela Effect: Did We All Die? Did We Quantum Death Jump? Part 1

I will post Part 2 of this tomorrow, as it is getting late over here.

Title: Mandela Effect – Did We Die? Quantum Death Jumping? Pt. 1 (YT link) Uploaded by Life Matrix.

This is going to be my advanced speculation. If my previous post on human anatomy didn’t spook you enough, this probably will. I distinctly remember having died at least 5 times in my life. That means at the point of getting shot at close range or right before a horrific car crash. Then I have a blank in my memory, and the next thing I remember is being safe and out of danger. Other people I have interviewed, and people on conspiracy forums have also given me or posted their accounts about similar things happening to them. So…

Here are events that may have happened in my previous realities:

  1. California sank into the ocean.
  2. A large scale nuke went off in New York 2 years ago, or 1 year ago in Chicago.
  3. World War III kicked off in March of 2015, when Russia called their ambassadors out of the UK, US and Russian jets got into it over the Baltic, and Russia told their citizens to immediately go into nuclear bunkers. Unless they’ve disappeared, those posts should still be on this blog.
  4. Putin was assassinated during that time as well.
  5. The Ebola scare should have been much bigger and more catastrophic.
  6. The fucking sun is nuclear white now!

I know the people that run the Mandela Effect website were trying to correlate anomalies based on geographic regions, but they were still tabulating last time I checked. I have felt a sort of numbness about reality about a year ago that I still feel now. As if reality is in a confined space that used to be more open. So, if any of those events I described above happened, a huge amount of people would have died. This goes with metaphysical thinking and reincarnation as well, by the way, but I think the Universe was not ready to let all those souls go all at once.

So, on the individual level, a person at the point of death is plucked out of the death timeline and put into a timeline where the death did not occur. That person might remember a few things being different (in some cases eye color or hair color changed), but since that is only one person, the changes were ignored and brushed off. In some cases buildings show up that weren’t there before, or past events don’t match up with everybody else’s version. Do you see how only one person points stuff like that out? That was the person who shifted realities.

Well, what if a hundred thousand people die at once? There is a Cosmic Algorithm at work here, where mathematical probability takes over and tries to correlate the past death with the present life. The algorithm can’t work as well with so many souls, because each soul has its own numerous loose ends. So the algorithm does what it can to ‘blanket cover’ the minds of the many with the idea that no, California did not sink, there was no nuke in New York (but there was an underwater blast a few miles of the NY coast, look it up, unless that is gone too), and little details like book and movie titles start to stick out. If geography has changed, and it has because the Statue Of Liberty is now on Liberty Island, and not on Ellis Island which had a ferry and no bridges, and human anatomy has changed, and people are still alive that should be dead… then the next question is Who is changing everything?

I think it is CERN. I remember BP Earthwatch and other researchers saying that CERN was going to produce 10,000 times the magnetic energy of the Earth. In regular physics, if you can use magnetism to bend light, and light and time are interchangeable, then enough magnetism can also bend time. Think about that one. If you can bend light, you can bend time, under the rules of normal physics. So maybe CERN is changing time to the point where The Powers That Be want to find a timeline where they have taken over the world. This helps explain why the worlds is getting geometrically worse every few months it seems. I think we may have already had Race Wars or Patriot Wars in the US, because the government is pushing hard for this to happen, and we already had plenty of catalyst events that haven’t lit the fuse yet. The Powers That Be should have their Police State / Martial Law in full effect, because they’ve had all the chess pieces in position for years now! Jade Helm should have kick-started the entire thing last year.

The bad guys aren’t winning, but that hasn’t stopped them from making our lives hell. There is something watching over us, and you can believe in whatever you believe in, as long as it is positive and as long as you keep your faith strong. Be prepared.

I’m going to go through all these channels that are posting these more recent Mandela Effect videos tomorrow. It looks like this is clicking a lot of people Awake now. A lot of people are making very good estimations, as opposed to the clusterfuck I was seeing before. Nobody believes the shills when they say it’s all coincidence or whatever. Time and Space are changing all around us, and that is undeniable.

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9 comments on “Mandela Effect: Did We All Die? Did We Quantum Death Jump? Part 1

  1. Because we are acting like creater gods with our egos. People selling this law of attraction bullshit, telling people they can manifest anything they desire, and yeah it works you know. When I go camping… Im asking “manifesting” for a clear night/nice weather. Hey, I always get it. But ive not got it have I? If i’m manifesting that… How is that affecting the big plan? We are doing it all to ourselves… We have to stop manifesting what we think we want.. and start working with our creator instead. I have an amazing story for you!

  2. Now that I am awake to this new reality, I feel completely stupid. I have an MA and was a professor. Now I don’t know how to spell words (the word ‘dilemna’ and my inability to let go of that change to ‘dilemma’ is what threw the door open to this new reality for me), I don’t know basic facts, and I don’t even know if the new facts I am trying to take in are going to change. I went from intellectual to idiot because I couldn’t let go of dilemna. Dang.

    • This is the second time Life Matrix has switched his Mandela Effect videos to private. Apparently the Truth is only available for a limited time with him. I will leave the post up for a duration, in case the videos are made public again soon. After that I will probably erase the post.

      It is bad enough that Youtube censors a lot of news, without Youtubers censoring themselves. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

  3. Hi, yes you are right.
    All mandela-effect affected persons are died in some point of his history. When you die in the last minute you jump to the other parallel universe. This is the reason all affected people have the same memories.
    This is my second dead… I have changed two times of Universe, I remember very well the changes. The first I was sleeping in my bed ( I have some problems of breathe) and the second was a very big accident with the car… BUT remember not all are dead… the people who don’t remember probably are originals from this universe.
    Best regards

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