Mandela Effect: 1977 Stars Wars – C3PO Now Has A Silver Leg! WTF!!!

90b11ce0a92b6203c8c768a3bb5cbc9aThat is actor Anthony Daniels, who played C3PO in the original (and best) series. Note the effin’ silver leg!!! If you have the movie in your possession, be sure to chime in!

See the last image on this article, by Courier Mail, for a movie pic.

Title: Mandela Effect – C3PO Silver Leg (YT link) Uploaded by Scarab Performance.

From the article on The Shiznit: Fuck off did C3PO have a silver leg

Today I made a most unsettling discovery and now I’m sharing it with you in the vain hope that it’ll make the madness I’m currently feeling feel less intense. I still almost can’t believe it’s true, despite photo evidence that appears to confirm it. No. It can’t be right. It just can’t be. I’ve seen Star Wars about 25 times and I never noticed this. Fuck off does C3PO have one silver leg.

C3PO has a silver leg.

And he always has. Ever since 1977, he’s been walking around on 50% AG, 50% AU. HOW DEEP DOES THIS THING GO? What else have I missed in my favourite movies? Does Marty McFly have a tattoo of a Leprechaun on his neck? Does the T-Rex in Jurassic Park wear a bowtie? Is John McClane in Die Hard actually Welsh? I genuinely have no idea how I could have missed something as significant as the colour of a character’s leg in the most famous, most well-loved and most watched movie in cinematic history.

Am I absolutely sure the internet is not messing with me? Like some Berenstain Bears mystery? Behold: pictorial evidence, undoctored and everything. We’re through the looking glass, people. (Images on website.)


12 comments on “Mandela Effect: 1977 Stars Wars – C3PO Now Has A Silver Leg! WTF!!!

  1. It’s no just you friend. I was born in 1984 and I too grew up a die hard Star Wars fan, even before the remakes and episodes 1,2,3. Seen Star Wars many times and C3P0 never, never had one silver leg. I even collected the action figures and the 12 inch, he was always solid gold. I’m getting really sick of this Mandella Biz

  2. I saw Star Wars in 1977. I noticed C3PO had one silver leg back then. Nothing has changed. Yes, the action figure was all gold, even the wires around his waist. That’s why I repainted my figure to give it the screen accurate silver lower right leg and this was in 1978. The ONLY film in which he is all gold is Revenge of the Sith. The only false memory is from people who believe this crap.

    • I saw the movie in 1977 as well, and in the 80s, and in the 90s. In my reality, there was no silver leg.

      500+ examples of Mandela Effect > 1 Truth Denier

      The only crap you smell is coming from the place you buried your head in.

  3. I was born 1978. I put on star wars, to this day to fall asleep to. I just recently noticed the silver lag. I remember him all gold.

  4. OMG… everyone that is stressing, please go to google and shop a 1977 C3P0. Note the legs. Xi

    The only thing different is that Disney owns him now. I think you have fallen prey to evil marketing spells from the magic kingdom.

  5. listen i stole revenge of the jedi toys in 1982 from kmart 1 day went to garden department thru them over the fence 1 of the toys was a battle damage x wing fighter toy that said revenge of the jedi i live indianapolis 80 miles away from cincinatti where the toys where made from kenner the next day the whole toy display was gone no star wars toys whatsover was in kmart the next day i went back to steal i was only nine years old in 82 what they are doing at cern and quatom mecanics and quantom computers is why c3p0 has a silver leg in the star wars movie in 1977 is whole body was gold no silver anywhere do u beleive in the father the son and the holy spirit that is 3 how many gods are there is only one 1 god and 7 is his number the area code of indianapolis is 317 get the connection the language of god is a mathematics hes is the greatest mathmatician everything is by design

  6. the only problem is that the “madnela” effect has the worng name, nelson madela deffo mdidnt die in prison u know why, and u know how it can be prooven, coz in a place where physcis people dont give a crap about, RUGBY, the 1994 rugby world cup., why does nelson madela have a green shirt in some pics, the shirt that the team used in that world cup! so whoever thought of this is right baout star wars luke im your father shit etc but nelson mandela, he was at the rugby world cup, thats why “normal” people and not us computer nerds dont beleive a word, cern and dwave are changing little bits of hsitlry somehow but nelson mandela isnt one of them. MANDELA may be a acronym for something and people have jumped on to it, but if u watch rugby and are a sprots fan from anywhere in world except usa who use pads to play sports, will tell u that nelson madela was at world cup, we all know this. MANDELA means something else, breinstein bears aswell dont make sence so why wud the physcis change them surely they wud be saying look what we doing and the usa and anto or uriis or whoever got here first or built there own cern machine wud be on that and wud be changing the course of history more than just brand names.

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