Mandela Effect: The Great Pyramids Of Egypt Have Changed!

Here’s where we’re at with this video. I just spent the last 10 minutes searching my blog for posts on the Great Pyramid, because I’ve posted a bunch of them, and they have all been taken off Youtube. The videos showing the connection between Orion and the pyramids are also gone, but the posts I made are still there. It was always the Great Pyramid of Giza, as in single, and not plural, because the center one, as the video host claims, was always the biggest one. Look at this Yahoo image search. The main pyramid doesn’t look right, and it especially doesn’t look right when next to the Sphinx. In this overview image, the larger pyramids don’t just look equal in size, but they look too close. I remember the tiny one on the bottom being more further left than in the picture, and also further away. Like SP in the video says, I’ve read books, looked at a lot of images and watched a lot of videos, and none of that looks right to me.

Title: The Greatest Mandela Effect To Date – The Great Pyramid (YT link) Uploaded by Scarab Performance.

Updated video by the same guy:

Title: The Mandela Effect – Great Pyramid (Udate Video)  (YT link) Uploaded by Scarab Performance.

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