Flat Earth Theory: 1,000 Year Old Buddhist Map And Byrd Documentary

I don’t know, but that map doesn’t look too convincing to me. After that, we have the mainstream documentary showing one of Admiral Byrd’s expeditions to Antarctica, and a later interview he gave. The documentary looks a little contrived / sensationalized to me, depicting how out of all the planes that were out surveying Antarctica, only Byrd’s plane experienced a malfunction where a lot of cargo had to be tossed out to gain altitude. It sounds like they had to hype up an ‘official story’ to distract people from asking for more footage of whatever they found down there. Except for the iffy map, this compilation doesn’t really prove anything about FE.

From the Youtube description: The 1000 Year old map it is claimed, was hidden and locked away in a Japanese Buddhist Temple due to the very nature of the huge secret this map depicts, it is also the reason why it was kept hidden for over 1000 years, or least was created potentially 1000 years ago although dates are very sketchy considering time is a construct.

Also in this video we look at Admiral Byrd and his interview after visiting Antarctica in December 1946-47. Admiral Richard Byrd visited Antarctica on “Operation High Jump”. On his return, he performed a few radio and TV show interviews. In his own words said that there was a secret land mass the size of America beyond the South Pole.

Title: Flat Earth Antarctica & The 1000 Year Old Buddhist Map (YT link) Uploaded by Dorje Daka.

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