Movie: Dirty Marriage (2014, Hindi, Sex Education, Not Really A Movie!)

I downloaded this thinking I was going to watch a Desi / Hindi movie, but apparently this is Sex Ed in the form of reality TV and meant for young adults. You’ve got soap opera settings or skits in multiple story arcs, focusing on men having small genitals, impotency, cheating and dealing with AIDS. The musical inserts are meant to dramatize the situation, but they come out annoying to me, just like they do when used in Mexican soaps.

There are a few, and only a few, reasons to watch this: changing attitudes between the traditional culture and modern society, for example, where medicine men are all ‘quacks’ and all university doctors are not, and in the primary cast that consists of handsome men and pretty women. All of the darker Indians are relegated to supporting positions. The most sex you’ll see is fashionable outfits and leg rubbing under blankets. There is an unusual bit where one of the characters is seen praying to the monkey god Hanuman, which I don’t think I’d ever seen before in a modern setting, although I have read about it during my research into Indian mythology.


Synopsis : The film is based on sexual ignorance and confusions. In an open discussion.Dr. Vaishnav tells students regarding pornographic knowledge. He tells that due to improper guidance there are some myths in the sex. Dr. Vaishnav tells about the problems and he explains it with solutions through relevant stories.

Title: “Dirty Marriage” | Full Desi Hindi Movie (With English Sub Title) (YT link) Uploaded by Cinema Cafe.

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