Mandela Effect: 100% Proof That South America Continent Has Moved

This gal did a good bit of research here. Personally, I remember South America as being directly below North America, and not to the east of it like it is now. So, from my perspective, I’m seeing two shifts in what the video presents. The Panama Canal was not North to South, but East to West. Anyway, stick around, I have a two part round table on ME that I’ll be posting in a few minutes.


YT comments:

you nailed it with the time zones. Someone’s shifting something. No doubt about it. – Joe Pish

It’s called “South” America for a reason, it’s directly under North America1 Well, now it’s “Southeast America, according to our maps. – Chante Moody

Great video – I used to be stationed for 3 years at Howard AFB in Panama Central America in the early 90’s and have scuba dived in both the Pacific and Atlantic on the same day (one of the cool things about Panama being so narrow) and have driven the route that mostly follows the Canal – I am certain that the canal used to travel East to West, NOT South to North like it does now. I’ve driven over the Bridge of the America’s hundreds of times, it takes traffic over the canal, and it used to run north to south, and now it goes east to west. The Panama Canal, shape and location of Alaska and the absence of a North Polar Cap are the major Mandela Effects that resonate with me. Thanks again! – Michael Ulshafer

Title: 100% proof South America has been moved!(Mandela/Quantum Effect)(Flat Earth) (YT link) Uploaded by GodsWarriorPrincess 777.

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8 comments on “Mandela Effect: 100% Proof That South America Continent Has Moved

  1. They’res somethhing strange in the neighborhood! Who ya gonna call? MYTHBUSTERS!

    Seriously though I remember South America being…well south. What a minute the panama canal DOES run west to east. I grew up seeing maps of it and the purpose of it was so it was easier to take ships around the cape.

    It was a god send.

    Don’t tell me they messed with THAT too?

    • You are so right. I have as copy of an original flight booking September 2013 that shows an 8 hour flight time from Miami to Asuncion Paraguay arriving on the clock 8 hours later local time. The flight time is 8 hours 8 mins.

  2. The video is extremely bad quality. I can tell it’s from a smartphone because I refuse to ever do a video from one knowing what crappy quality comes out of it.

    For the first half of the video it’s hard to hear as the sound/volume is very uneven and a lot of smartphone videos are that way not just her’s.

    I can tell when even *free* studio software is being used on a PC because it’s that much better together even if it’s just a basic edit.

  3. BTW: Don’t click on the video either. The comments are absolutely horrible trashing this video with stupid insults like FAKE! GAY! RETARD! and it actually makes the insulters look childish.

    They can’t seem to see their own blinders. I blame the right/left paradigm poop that has been spoon fed us.

  4. It’s called “South” America for a reason, it’s directly under North America1 Well, now it’s “Southeast America, according to our maps.

    Uh, no. It’s called South America because it’s in the Southern hemisphere. These continents were named before the world became so USA-centric.

    • That’s not what I remember from high school, and neither do a lot of other people remember it that way. Your reality is not the same as my reality.

      I’ll be posting a new video today with even more geography changes. It seems things have changed once again, even if you can’t accept it.

  5. Your timezone lines (the ones you drew) do not agree with the time zone map on the left at the beginning. That map shows the left side of South America as being in the Eastern (-5 GMT) time zone, whereas you outlined it as being Central. If it were Central time, that would indeed be weird and make it seem like it “should” be underneath the Central US, but it’s not, it’s Eastern. I.e. you drew western South America as being in the “red” (Central), but it’s actually in the “blue” (Eastern).

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