Mandela Effect: Indian Map Expert Is Now Feeling The Mandela Effect!

This video is important because a lot of people have been commenting that all the changes are only happening in the US. (Bluebeard 2011 is in Australia, by the way, and he was on top of it when it comes to US and local map changes several months ago.)

Wow, Cubans can almost swim to Florida, Yucatan and the Bahamas now. Who’da thunk it?


I’m from India and I’m feeling Mandela effect as well. Its not just Americans. Cuba Map has changed.

Watch All Videos of Al Bielek to get more sense into these things…

Title: Mandela Effect Map Changed. Indians Feeling Mandela Effect Now (YT link) Uploaded by Soul Voice.

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5 comments on “Mandela Effect: Indian Map Expert Is Now Feeling The Mandela Effect!

  1. As you consider yourself somewhat of a cartographer, aap, as best as you remember, about the way the world used to look? I understand many people feel.Australia has shifted north and South America east, too many to think this a joke. I know people think Cuba sharnk and plenty of countries have moved. Can you please show us how things used to look?

    • I am not the producer of the video. You can contact that person through the video link and send him a message through Youtube.

      Oh, and do a search for Mandela Effect Geography to see what other researchers are reporting.

      • Thanks for the reply. Do you, Raymond, have similar memories to this Indian? If so, might you not upload a map as you remember it? I’ve seen people re-draw Australia, NZ, Japan, Korea, and South America – all in similar modified locations to what I and anyone else native to this reality would remember. But no one has redrawn Europe or the Caribbean or Alaska (with the modified Bering Strait).

      • Search for my posts by Harmony Mandela Effect. Also, search for Mandela Effect Geography or Bluebeard Geography. I do see a lot of ME geography changes, but I’m not smart enough to recall where the boundaries of all the countries are.

  2. Sri lanka at directly south of india with a couple of uninhabited islands in between,is what almost all of people remember,at least in Lucknow.

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