Bible Fiction: Historical Art Proves Jesus Was Seen As A Black Man

The Truth is racist! This is a reply to an uninformed comment I recently received. Here is my original post which has its own evidence from multiple researchers, followed by the uninformed comment:

Bible Fiction: The Gay, Murdering Jesus Vs The Original Black Jesus

Comment: “Jesus” was not black and most certainly was not the nappy haired negoid african with an “afro” you sick twisted people imagine him to look like. John gives a description of a vision he saw in Revelation 1:12-18. It’s not literal. His hair was not made of wool. The description says his hair was white LIKE wool. Apparently you racists idiots don’t know how to read! – Blood Red

Note how the comment ignores that same description telling us that Jesus’ feet were as burnt brass. You can’t cherry pick, you wiener! Image search showing what burned brass looks like, on a Yahoo search. Anyway, here is my rebuttal to that:


From the Youtube description: Jesus, and the Israelites were BLACK. I will prove that is this video with archaeological evidence that is thousands of years old. The identity theft hast to stop.

Title: Jesus was black undeniable proof. The true Jews are too. PT1 (YT link) Uploaded by The True Hebrew.

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