False Flag Alert: German Troops Prepare For Catastrophic Event

You know, I wonder if Germany is setting up the conservatives or Russia for this False Flag event they are sending signals for. The various nations giving these alarms are probably giving their elite time to move liquid assets around.


From the Youtube description: http://undergroundworldnews.com
Merkel continues to publicly defend her “open border” immigration policies despite continued erosion of her popularity amid rising nationalist sentiments in Germany and across the EU. Meanwhile, Germany is preparing to deploy troops within its borders for the first time since World War II amid growing fears that the potential for a large-scale terrorist attack is “conceivable, even probable,” at least according to Lt. Gen. Martin Schelleis.

Learn More:

Title: Is Something Huge About to Happen? Germany Prepares Troops for ‘Catastrophic’ Event (YT link) Uploaded by Dahboo7.

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