Old China: Huang Yao, 1,000 Year Old Village by Sheila Simkin

Love the sights in general, but those trees and the wishing stones are incredible. They may just make it into my fiction!


From the Youtube description: http://www.TravelsWithSheila.com
Huang Yao or Huangyao is an ancient town that was relatively unknown to tourists until Hollywood filmed “The Painted Veil” here. This over 1,000 year old town is lined with ancestral halls, pavilions, temples and ancient banyan trees. Many old houses have been turned into guesthouses, shops and restaurants.

Besides guide Mark, we had a local guide who had taught himself English from tapes. He tried very hard but we still had many “Lost in Translation” moment, especially in the next tape. We began by entering through a scenic gate where two very old Banyan trees stood (the oldest was called a Dragon Banyan because of the way its branches hung down), and had a “lucky carp” in stone under its base; rub it for good luck.

Title: Visiting 1,000 Year old Huang Yao Village, China (YT link) Uploaded by Sheila Simkin.

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