Mandela Effect: Happy CERN, NWO Long Term Plan, Bible Changes

This is a broadcast from the Late Night In The Midlands radio show. It is recent, but no date was given other than the video uploaded date of September 8, 2016. I could not find the show listed on the LNM site page, as I was looking for links to the topics discussed.

Host Michael Vara discusses recent ME happenings with guests Ira Robinson and Steven Johns. It is a good show! They talk about CERN, they feature a clip from the eighties disclosing how words in religion and history would start getting tweaked, and towards the last third the talk shifts over to recent Bible changes. Vara does mostly comic relief here, but he does provide good insight several times. The guests are right on top of the most recent anomalies.


From the Youtube description: THE MANDELA EFFECT. The Phenomenon where a group of people discover that a global fact- one they feel they know to be true and have specific memories for has apparently changed in the world around them.

It’s the name given to the phenomena of believing that certain facts or events from your remembered experience of life have changed. Be it a name, person or place, a movie, song or logo. Have you ever been certain you had experienced something, only to find out it never happened? That no proof of your memory exists, and never has. The Mandela Effect, named after legendary South African leader Nelson Mandela, seeks to explain this as the signs that we have crossed into a parallel universe, and perhaps time travel has irrevocably altered our world.

Title: Is The Mandela Effect Messing With our Memories 2016 (YT link) Uploaded by Non-Human Entities.

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