Mandela Effect: PhD Weighs In With Scientific Study, 25,000 Surveyed

This video is an hour and a half long. It might start to drag for you if you’re a short attention span type. This is a good listen regardless, as it shows us objective public opinion, trends, new anomalies and even micro-focuses from professional astronomers and people with medical backgrounds. Most of the examples concentrate on pop media, with slight detours into some of the physical aberrations that have also been reported. This study is ongoing, so take the test yourself at the links down below.

(Big props for mentioning Dani from One People Round Table, which I have a lot of posts on!)


From the Youtube description: The Mandela Effect is the difference between recollection for a large group of people and recorded history. Mandela Effect is for small changes like movie lines and titles of media. The Toto Effect is for more tangible changes such as religion, geography, physical products, history etc. Before continuing, if you haven’t taken the quiz that is part of this study please do so!

25k people took this quiz: Their results have been analyzed and guesses have been removed. Control experiments were included that indicate people who are extremely confident in their answers are likely to get them right 95% of the time or more. This study mostly rules out memory and mishearing as the likely cause of the Mandela Effect. The actual cause remains unknown and worthy of further study.

Additional quizes have been compiled that focus on more of the substantial changes that are observed:
Here’s a short quiz:
Here’s a long and in depth quiz that covers the most topics:
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Title: Mandela Effect Report- 25K responses- Ruling out memory as the cause (YT link) Uploaded by Aggroed Lighthacker.

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