One People Round Table: Sept 13 – Mandela Effect, Hillary, Moses

And a whole lot more, as usual. Not for the timid! Advanced thinkers only! I have a lot of synchronicity going on with what these gals are saying, so every few shows I spot things they mention already affecting my personal life. This week, for example, it is the sudden forgetting of things that I’m about to write down. I look up a foreign name or location, start writing a sentence on it, and poof, the word goes blank so I have to look it up all over again. I’ve noticed this over the last 3 or 4 days.

For me, Moses did have horns on a few rare occasions. The Michelangelo statue was one of them.

I’ve got posts on two topics mentioned. You can check those out here:

Mandela Effect: 4Chan Poster Blows The Whistle On ME… Allegedly

Mandela Effect: PhD Weighs In With Scientific Study, 25,000 Surveyed


From the Youtube description: OH Hillary ! IS it Syphilis? Or has she been arrested?
Mandela effect – Moses now has horns, 4 American Presidents assassinated and Mandela quizzes
Dreams have stepped up again with 2 distinct themes, the moon/planets and water/tidal waves

Lots of links at :…

Title: One People Round Table 13 Sept 2016 – Moses has horns and Hillary has Syphilis – maybe (YT link) Uploaded by Lisa M Harrison.

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