False Flag Boston: The Boston Unbombing – A Staged, Hoax Event

I was going to post on this documentary a couple of weeks ago, but the video mysteriously vanished. I’m glad to see that another Truther channel has put it back up. Thanks, gun grabbing, UN loving liberals!


From the Youtube description: It’s odd that the idea that entities within our government would stage fake attacks anywhere is far more shocking than the sure knowledge that very real US missile strikes have killed many thousands of people in Syria and Libya and Iraq and Afganistan. It’s shocking because it removes a layer of the veneer of justification for the real attacks, because the fake attacks are part of the pretext for the real attacks. As it turns out, it’s not about justice, it’s about power and profits.

Title: The Boston Unbombing: How And Why The Boston Marathon Bombing Was A Staged False Flag Event (YT link) Uploaded by Tyranny News Network.

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