Hidden History: Mohenjo-Daro, Mycenae And Fake Roman History

From the Youtube description: This is an entirely new episode, not just a revision of the old version. And NewEarth News – the booking for a Malta tour in December is now possible here http://megaliths.org/ancient_history/…

To get sure you don’t loose contact with the NewEarth news please also subscribe to the newsletter on the website http://megaliths.org/ancient_history/…

If you want to participate in the research in your area please view a world wide list of sites of which field report is needed http://www.megaliths.org/browse/categ…

If know of an interesting megalithic or mysterious historic site / artefact please submit it here http://www.megaliths.org/browse

And if you like the NewEarth research approach please help spread the word of the directory of amazing historic sites http://www.megaliths.org

Title: When the Survivors of Atlantis Wake Up, p 1 – Mohenjo-daro and the Mycenae civilisation (YT link) Uploaded by New Earth.

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