Hidden History: Saturn, The Steadfast Star by Saturn Rising

This is more of an intermediate / advanced presentation. I don’t agree with all this is said here, as not to many direct sources are given and there is a lot of heavy speculation. However, if you study Saturn like I have, and also Electric Universe Theory and especially how Birkland Currents work, you will see a lot of corroboration here.


From the Youtube description: Pan Pan is a Greco-Roman God (Roman name: Faunus) who was worshipped between 800 BCE – 400 CE (Christianization). He is Arcadian, originating in the mountains of Peloponnese. Because his followers were so highly civilized, we have many written records of Pan and his legends. In fact there are several versions of just about everything written about him, including 14 versions of his mythology, written after 490 BCE, and at least 20 versions of his birth.

Dec 25th is Saturnalia, Nimrod’s birthday and has nothing whatever to do with Christ. In fact “mas” in Latin indicates removal or absence. So “Christmas”, loosely translated means “without Christ” or “minus Christ”

The Daily Chronicle
Both Baal and Saturn were sun-gods of extensive notoriety.
OUT BANQUET: By H. A. ST. JOHN, (1894), Pg. 201
Online Ethymology Dictionary: Search for Chronicle

encyclopedia of ancient deities [PDF]

Title: Saturn the steadfast Star at the celestrious pole (YT link) Uploaded by Saturn Rising.

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