FUCK ISLAM: A Look At Culturally Enriched Paris In Sept 2016

And the Bomber Of Nations just increased the number of rapefugees coming into the US. Thanks, Jews!


Paris has turned into one big migrant camp!

How could President Hollande let it get like this? Clearly out of hand, swarms of northern African migrants, now living on the streets. French authorities are evacuating and dismantling the camps, and with no where to go, they have created their own tent city.

With the jungle camp next to be dismantled you can guarantee this will become worse. France are now putting pressure on Britain to accept some of their migrants, claiming that because they all want to go to Britain, Britain must accept them.

Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May has responded with building a wall, costing the British tax payer’s £2 million, money well spent if built and manned properly, but what consequences will it have for the people of France? Thousands more migrants living on their street’s, with more on the way from Italy.

One things for sure, France will never be the same. R.I.P

WATCH: Muslim Riot in Paris – Say NO To The Islamization of North America!

Title: PARIS – SEPTEMBER – 2016 (GONE T0 HELL) (YT link) Uploaded by Leave A Msg User Is Off Line.

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