Music: Goldfrapp – Utopia (Electronic, Trip Hop)

Nice. Not like the usual Hooverphonic / Morcheeba trip hop I usually listen to, but it does have its high points. Actually, it does remind me of Hooverphonic a little. Good touch with the accent vocals toward the end.


Title: Goldfrapp – Utopia (YT link) Uploaded by Goldfrapp VEVO.


It’s a strange day
No colours or shapes
No sound in my head
I forget who I am
When I’m with you
There’s no reason
There’s no sense
I’m not supposed to feel
I forget who I am
I forget

Fascist baby
Utopia, utopia

My dog needs new ears
Make his eyes… See forever
Make him live like me
Again and again

Fascist baby
Utopia, utopia

I’m wired to the world
That’s how I know everything
I’m super brain
That’s how they made me

Fascist baby
Utopia, utopia


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