Steph Young: Nightmares In The Woods 1 (Missing Hikers Cases)

Great interview, covering missing people cases in several countries. This is similar to the stuff David Paulides documents. I will post a second interview in a few minutes. (I love Young’s voice!)

The strange case of Elisa Lam is mentioned during the interview. Search the name on this blog to see a lot of info on that one.


From the Youtube description: Steph Young returns to the show to talk about one of her more recent books, Nightmares in the Woods. We talk about The Whispering People of Malaysian Legend, and their connection to Fairies. Lost people and their tragic remains, and the explorer who went off to find proof of an M Shaped cave he claimed to have encountered, and then he disappeared.

Also, the YouTube channel mentioned at the end of the interview is;

Title: Steph Young on Nightmares in the Woods: Part 1 – August 27, 2016 (YT link) Uploaded by Where Did the Road Go? Radio.

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