False Flag Chelsea: Smirking Witness Mom Coaching Kid’s Lines

“It sounded like a million pianos dropped.” – junior Crisis Actor

All right. In my previous two posts I have seen an unbelievable coincidence regarding the location of the bomb site and CCTV footage taken from a cell phone and being blasted on the controlled media. Here we have a Crisis Actor mom coaching her kiddie actor by her words and her arm movements. Similar prods were used on possible child abuse victim and little girl Alexis Wacsik. Search the little girl’s name and see the proof for yourself. That’s three for three as far as clues similar to what have been seen in other provable False Flag events. The Chelsea event, in my opinion, is a False Flag.


Title: Manhattan NY Bombing Explosion HOAX CRISIS ACTORS EXPOSED! (YT link) Uploaded by Urban Disciples.

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