False Flag Minnesota, Chelsea: No Victim Blood, Lots Of Lanyards

From the Youtube description: We were treated to three psy ops in one day in this summer of psy ops. A firecracker blew up a trash can on the Jersey Shore. A “muslum” attacker supposedly stabbed 9 people in the Crossroads Mall in St Cloud, Minnesota, then a bigger firecracker went off in a trash can in Chelsea Manhattan in New York City. Nobody died. Dozens were purportedly injured. Of coarse we only have dribs and drabs of video evidence plus lots of fake looking low budget crisis actors. These are all hoaxes/false flags meant to terrorize people to keep them conditioned into accepting a 1984 style police state. The real terrorists are the ones passing these psy op training exercises as real. Evil at its finest. Comments please.

Title: NYC Bombing Hoax and Minn. Mall Psy Ops (YT link) Uploaded by Scotty Stroll.

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