Jacob Israel: NASA’s 13th Zodiac Sign, Pluto X-Rays And Planet X

JI is spot on regarding many of his points. NASA is giving us a soft disclosure on Planet X and Mandela Effect, through all these minor stories about weird and unexpected changes, including the new placement of the Earth. Why are they doing this? Because they know they’ll be hung from their rocket launchers when the public find out about their verifiable occult connections, their obfuscation and the assassinations they’ve committed throughout the years, including that of Dr. Robert Harrington of the US Naval Observatory.


From the Youtube description:  “Planet X BOMBSHELL! NASA Head says “Buckle Up!” The truth behind Pluto X-rays and 13th Astrological Sign!” — The recent discovery of X-rays emanating from Pluto MAKES NO SENSE because it is so far away from the Sun… UNLESS, another SUN NEMESIS is near by… And the 13th astrological Sign “Ophiuchus” is going to also blow your mind… these are strange days we are living in, and I hope and pray this video not only entertains you but gets you to question more… Please do subscribe and share my friends, it is very appreciated!

Title: Planet X BOMBSHELL! NASA says “Buckle Up!” Reason for Pluto x-rays and 13th Astrological Sign (YT link) Uploaded by Jacob Israel.

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