Music: Einseedler – Nibiru, Planet X (Rock)

From the Youtube description: After doing some research on the web on NIBIRU, PLANET-X, and the like, I became compelled to write a song on this subject.  This song is for Entertainment Purposes only and the information contained herein should be treated as fictional sci-fi until the governing bodies of our countries decide to let us all in on what is really going on.

Title: Nibiru – Planet X (Original Song) (YT link) Uploaded by Einseedler.

Verse 1

Astral Decendants… Travel through the sky

they rape & they plunder…never ask themselves why

every thirty six hundred…another cross in the sky

lightning & thunder….ash will fall from the sky

The Dome Argus Observatory has confirmed that a large interstellar body is on a direct course for our solar system. According to Astrophysicist Dr. Wang, This body, known as planet X, will reek havoc on our solar system. Including perhaps, a planetary shift ending life. as we know it.

Verse 2

Annunaki…. Have come to claim their prize

Children of the serpent.. you shall soon realize

mightly Orion… hides a great mystery

Come the day.. of the Annunaki !

Its been dark for three days due to the staggered rotation of the earth the solar flares can be seen lapping over the horizon As we wonder if we’re the last souls alive.. If anyone out there hears this…. please respond..


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