World War III: Pakistan Provoking India, Selects Military Targets

Where the hell did this come from, all of a sudden? 2 sources.


From the article on The Economic Times: Pakistan prepares operational plan, selects targets in India: Report

NEW DELHI: Pakistan’s armed forces have reportedly selected targets in India in case the latter decides to move first with strikes against the country. In a Geo TV report, it is stated that an operational plan has also been prepared by the military establishment to retaliate against any possible offensive from across the border.

Quoting sources placed in the defense establishment, the news report states that targets in ‘war-mongering’ India have been selected in case of ‘aggression or surgical strikes from the enemy.’ One such source has said that Pakistan is fully prepared to counter India. “Pakistan is fully prepared to meet any military challenge from India.

Our operational plan is ready, quid pro quo targets are finalised and forces have been dedicated.”

Another source is quoted as saying that regardless of the nature of developments in the weeks to come, Pakistan forces will remain on high alert. “Whether it is a Cold Start or hot pursuit, we are ready. India is well aware of our capabilities and also knows the fact that despite the Pakistan Army’s participation in internal security issues, a military balance is well maintained to meet any challenge from across the border.”

The source even went to the extent of saying that ‘in case of surgical attack from India, Pakistan would immediately respond for which targets had already been set.’


From the article on F World: Pakistan provokes India with ‘High-Mark’ air drill, lowbrow lies at UN and blocking aid to Afghanistan

Pakistan has done precious little to calm the situation after the Uri tragedy. Instead, it is going on a limb to ratchet up tensions and provoke India. Islamabad is calling it a routine air defense exercise, but the “thunderous spectacle of Pakistani fighter jets touching down on a major highway on Wednesday and Thursday, with commercial flights suspended and traffic blocked for hours, has fueled public speculation that something much more ominous is afoot,” reported The Washington Post on Thursday.

“The display of military readiness, which included a late-night jet flyover Thursday above this capital city (Islamabad), has come amid an unusually tense showdown with India,” the report added.

Pakistani officials have described the air defense exercise, code-named “High Mark” as routine. However, security officials speaking on conditions of anonymity told the US media that the exercises were more than routine and part of a strategy to foil any possible Indian attack.

The Pakistani war games are ill timed. They come on the back of rising tensions after the Uri assault and a war of words in the UN General assembly in New York. It plays into the overcharged situation. As it is, Indian naval officials had issued a high alert on Thursday for coastal areas after some school children claimed to have seen four men moving “suspiciously” near a naval facility in Uran.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif gave a speech at the UN General Assembly on Wednesday which was incendiary and strident in tone. “We just heard a speech full of threat bluster and rising immaturity and complete disregard of facts,” India’s Minister of State for External Affairs MJ Akbar said, without mincing any words.

Akbar blasted Pakistan’s feigned desire for talks; “Pakistan wants dialogue while holding a gun in its hand. Talks and guns don’t go together.”


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