CERN: Is Hadron Collider A Lost Weapon Of The Ancient Gods?

This video comes from a Christian-centric viewpoint. There are a few problems with it. First off, the speaker is Tim Alberino. Whoever produced this video has masked Alberino’s voice so that it sounds like somebody else, and they did not credit the original speaker. Alberino does give SOME good information on Indian mythological lore. However, his talk is based partly on the work of Steve Quayle and Tom Horn. I used to follow both of those guys up until I noticed how they sensationalized their stories and often cited sources that could not be verified.

Personally, I think Horn is only out to sell books. He said a high-ranked military general, anonymous of course, told him martial law was going to be put in place late in 2015. He also said that a high-ranked person in the Vatican, also anonymous, told him there were real Giants below the Vatican. Those stories made big splashes at first, but after about a month they vanished without a trace. Same deal with Quayle. He puts up Alerts on his site sometimes, but so far these have always turned out to be false. Sorry, turkeys, but you’ve called wolf one too many times for me. (LA Marzulli is doing the same sort of thing now, by the way.)

Again, this video does have some good info in it, but it also has some disinfo as well. Learn to discern what’s what, and then you’ll start getting somewhere.

Here is my speculation. I think we might be caught up in the Gnostic idea of Archons and soul traps. If this is so, then maybe CERN is trying to break us out of that prison that allegedly is keeping our souls trapped on Earth. In that scenario, CERN is not trying to let demons or Shivas or Lucifers or whatever in, but they could be trying to break us out.


From the Youtube description: Did the ancient Gods leave behind the plans for creating the ultimate weapon on earth? Scientist at Cern claim to be searching for Dark Matter, Strangelets, and possibly opening another dimension. They believe with enough energy they can tear the vale of this world and peer into another. What they may find there is another story…


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