Mandela Effect: C3PO’s Original Gold Leg And Real-Time Brain Reset

Pay close attention to this one, Sheep. This idea of brain-resets taking place right before the eyes of Truthers has been brought up before. This is why New Earthers and Old Earthers will never be on the same page. Write your anomalies down before you ‘forget’ them and take pictures of residual evidence when you can. If you don’t, you will get to the point where ‘it has always been this way.’


From the Youtube description: Considering Mandela Effect residual evidence, I was able to get a new picture of C3PO’s gold leg which in the movie is “now” all silver below the knee but far more fascinating then than, I was able to observe a close friends mind being rewired before my very eyes so his memory corresponds with this reality.

Title: Mandela Effect C3PO Residual Evidence and an AMAZING Personal Story (YT link) Uploaded by Texas Shrugged Book.

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