Audiobook: The Tibetan Book Of The Dead narrated by Richard Gere

See my previous post for a documentary that might ease your way into this audiobook. No information is given on when the actual book was published.

At some points, this book gets bogged down with a lot of detail. A lot of the demons and their colors are described, for example. As a person who gets Gnosticism, I’d like to mention how avoiding the white light after death is mentioned, and the suggestion of going instead toward a blue light. I’ve got synchronicity on this after an interview I just put up yesterday featuring Robert Stanley, where Stanley said this very thing.

The idea of six levels after death are expounded upon, as wall as some fifty demons that one can expect to meet there. There is a lot of detail, but I found this Tibetan version easier to follow than the Egyptian Book of the Dead, which also describes the travels of the soul in the afterlife. If you understand a little Hinduism, you’ll see that all these colors are similar to the Chakra system, and many of the demons are described in much the same way as Indian gods are. This is because Buddhism first came from India, as shown in Chinese mythology. I would have liked to know more about this Lord of Death, as I was trying to compare this deity with the Gnostic Demiurge, but there just wasn’t enough info for me to make a good connection. The demons are described as having the vices of men, so that is a pretty good match for the Gnostic Archons.


From the Youtube description: The Tibetan Book of the Dead (Audiobook)- narrated by Richard Gere 2008. I took the liberty of remastering audiobook for personal use. hope you enjoy

Title: The Tibetan Book of the Dead (Audiobook) (YT link) Uploaded by Axiom Recoil.

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