Drone Footage, Hidden History: The Hidden Pyramids Of Xian, China

You might ask, why aren’t the Chinese starting up archeological digs at these obvious sites? Well, that’s because the Chinese are cowards; they know it was redheaded Europeans that built them, probably before the Chinese ever got there. That is saying something, considering how old Chinese history goes. Those redheaded people are all over the world, Sheep. Annunaki or Atlantis, anyone?


From the Youtube description: After hearing there are hundreds of pyramids in China that even the locals do not know about, we flew there to see ourselves. We filmed 4 groupings over 1 day, and we believe we havent even seen the half of them.

Title: FIrst arial footage of the unknown pyramids of Xian, China (YT link) Uploaded by Clay Roup.

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