Felipe Alexander: Mandela Effect, DMT, Quantum Reality, I-Ching

This is an advanced perspective, but I highly recommend watching this a few times until the information sinks in. This is how it all ties together. I’ve researched all of these concepts except for the I-Ching. The way Alexander puts it here is the best way I’ve seen yet.

James Gates claimed to have discovered Karma in String Theory, not too long ago. Now, if I play Devil’s Advocate, I would say he’s a THEORETICAL physicist, which means his calculations and theories have not been scientifically quantified yet. Gates believes they are correct, but it might take years to verify them. However, Sacred Geometry, the Fibonacci Sequence and the Golden Ratio are all mathematically established, and fit in very well with the idea of a programmed Hologram Universe. Quantum Physics would be the novelty factor which introduces changes into the rigid structure of general physics to keep things from stagnating. I do believe Alexander is correct when he thinks that we create our own reality, but I also think The Powers That Be are stifling our growth with their constant fear porn and doom that is being promoted through mass media. We can change the program if enough of us WAKE UP. Like I said, this is the best explanation I’ve heard yet.


From the Youtube description: The Mandela Effect, is perhaps, one of the most shocking, overwhelming and most confounding certainties that can penetrate the human mind so harshly that it can cause a small awakening within an individual, or, cause one to denounce such wild theories and use the confabulation argument via Wikipedia on every single effect despite the growing mass of evidence that something is clearly altering recorded history.

For many of us, the Mandela Effect has had a profound influence in our lives since discovering it. Life was for lack of a better term “normal” before the Mandela effect, but after coming in contact with this, it has caused many of us, including myself, to question my own beliefs on how this universe functions and my role in it. The Mandela effect has the strike of a 1,000 tons of dynamite on the human psyche, but nothing in comparison to what I am going to talk to you here tonight. This is a rabbit hole and it goes deep!

Title: Mandela Effect, DMT, Simulation Reality, I-Ching and Much More. (YT link) Uploaded by Felipe Alexander.

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