Space News: Oct 1, 2016 – Big Sun Eruption, Quake Watch Begins

Comment by Suspicious Observer: SOHO and STEREO A images available. Official Observers Analysis – NO IMPACT. The eruption can be best be seen in the relevant timeframes here: You can get STEREO A images here: [Select A Cor2 and remember that it’s behind the sun so while we watched the eruption go left, the blast will go right on STEREO A]. The event will not produce geomagnetic effects, just like yesterday’s CME, but both offer longitudinal coupling potential in 2-3 days, during the HEART of the earthquake watch based on the end of this coronal hole. The earthquakes came furiously during the onset of the coronal hole, but geomagnetic activity stole the energetic fluctuations from the lithosphere for a week. No really relevant quakes for about 8 days now… it will change in half that time. Remember the check our twitter for updates on earthquake locations to watch:

Title: Big Sun Eruption, QuakeWatch Begins | S0 News Oct.1.2016 (YT link) Uploaded by Suspicious Observer.


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