Gnostic: Robert Conner – Secret Mark Book And Early Christian Gays

From the Youtube description: Recent and sober scholarship indicates that the controversial Secret Gospel of Mark is authentic. This points to a libertine, mystical form of Christianity that thrived in the ancient world. The hotbed of this movement was in Alexandria with the mercurial Gnostic sage, Carpocrates. We enter the dangerous yet egalitarian teachings of the Carpocrateans and other alternative Christianities that incurred the wrath of Orthodoxy, and find relevant teachings for a world that still cannot embrace tolerance.

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Astral Guest– Robert Conner, author of Magic in the New Testament and Jesus The Sorcerer.

Title: Secret Mark, Carpocrates & Homosexuality in Early Christianity (YT link) Uploaded by Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio.

Robert Conner: Secret Mark, Carpocrates, Early Christian Gays – (2014) 4 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 16 minutes. Robert Conner is author of the book Jesus The Sorcerer. This interview centers on Conner’s interpretation of fragments from the Secret Book Of Mark, or Long Mark as it is known by academia. Among the more interesting topics discussed are the possibility of early Gnostic Christians being homosexuals, up to and including the historical Jesus. The idea of Jesus as sorcerer is only briefly mentioned here, but as I’ve come across similar evidence of this from other sources, I would have liked to hear more on this. The latter part of this talk focuses on how theological academia maintain their strict stance despite evidence contrary to the established official story, and how they belittle the messengers in an effort to obscure the message.


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