One People Round Table: Sept 27 – More WWII Mandela Effects!

From the Youtube description: So… Lisa’s alarm did not go off at 5:45 as planned and while she was sleeping, Dani was having a mini freak out and diving headlong down yet another Toto Effect rabbit hole of epic proportions.

…. It all started with a simple question in the UnFuckers Unite group, about WWII and a discussion we’d had in the group about a month or so ago. We covered this “Toto Effect” change to WWII during The One People Show on August 23, 2016.

…. But now that WWII history has changed AGAIN!!! Not only did Japan Balloon Bomb mainland USA and Canada during WWII…. Now Germany had UBoats and battle ships all over the world and blew up ships all along the US Eastern Coastline, along the St Lawrence Seaway in Canada, in the Caribbean, down the coast of Brazil and Argentina, AND Australia!!!

The remainder of the show with Lisa covered Hillary and the debate, Brangelina, Lisa’s new member community site and more

Title: One People round Table 27 Sept 2016 – Major WWII changes to the TimeLine – complete show (YT link) Uploaded by Lisa M Harrison.

One People Round Table: Sept 27, 2016 – New World War II Mandela Effects – (2016) 5 stars

Run time: 2 hours, 15 minutes. I’m sorry to see that Lisa Harrison was not on the program this week. However, the equally capable Dani McKenny was around to keep the discussion going at a lively pace. I’ll be listing some of the main points of the talk that I found most relevant.

Before that, let me point out a personal ME I am going through right now. My Microsoft Word program is going on the fritz! For the last six years, I have spent an enormous amount of time using this program while I write my fiction. When I say enormous I mean about 40 titles, most of which are full-length novels, and an official word count of well over 5 million words. I review and edit my stuff all the time, so a good guess for how many words I’ve edited and re-edited might be five times higher, or 25 million words in the last six years. I know what my Word program does in and out, and up until recently I wasn’t having too many issues with sentence structure or word usage.

What is happening now is that I’m being given a red underline / error mark on phrases that were considered correct before. The most annoying of these is the word but. For whatever reason, nearly every time I write but into a sentence, Word tells me the correct usage is ‘but also.’ The Word program is consistent with these changes, so I see the error marks about to occur as I’m writing in my usual way. I’m also seeing that these changes are happening on material which I have corrected several times before and which I believed were largely free of sentence structure mistakes. Note that this computer is NOT connected to the Internet, because I am testing the idea that ME changes are being spread through the World Wide Web. I have my laptop which I primarily use to access the web, and my desktop that has not been hooked up to wife or land line or anything for about two and half years now.

Another reason I am keeping the desktop off the web is because of the idea that Google / CERN / D-Wave computers might be changing the text on electronic books. I have a huge collection of books on digital files stored in my desktop. If my Word program is being affected, then surely some of the digital files I have archived are being modified as well. There goes my idea of having unaltered copies stashed away while the connected world goes to pot.

Here are some relevant points from Dani’s talk:

Only a few days ago, I mentioned to a blog reader that things in many conspiracy areas were going stagnant. I stated that these One People shows had lost some of their forward motion. The only thing really showing a lot of progress is the Planet X evidential material that keeps piling up.

Dani mentions new changes happening during World War II. I found a few of these myself a little over a month ago, regarding Japan bombing the US West Coast, and Japanese troops battling American soldiers on Alaska. I posted them on my blog and waited to see if these would pop up later in the One People shows, and they did. What is more, Dani has thrown a whole new wheelbarrow full of changes I haven’t come across yet.

I agree with Dani that the Germany of our timeline did not have the military assets to attack so many Western countries. Germany’s main objective was to bomb Britain into submission so they could take over all of Europe. Look at how big Germany is! Even as allies of Japan, they could not reasonably expect to win a war against the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia and all these other countries, in addition to subduing Europe!

Speculation: Two theories here. One, CERN is progressively advancing a dial to create a reality where Germany won World War II. Two, there has long been speculation that the Nazis discovered how to open up wormholes when they were testing the Nazi Bell in an underground base in Weincesclaus, Poland (spelling might be off). The Germans were also tapping into the astral realm and getting advanced technology from other sources through the Vril and Thule Societies. What if… what if they tapped into Germany of the future, perhaps in the Antarctic bases, and the polar Nazis from the future / present have been feeding the German Nazis from the past advanced science?

At 28 minutes in, Dani mentions MEs that are flipping, then flipping again. I know of one example from the pop memes. The BerenSTEIN bears went to BerenSTAIN, and apparently have now become BERNstein.

At 32 minutes, Dani makes the statement that time is not linear. After studying Hopi myth and both Hindu and Buddhist theories of reincarnation, I totally agree. As a matter of fact, I believe time, as seen in a Hologram Universe, is programmed to repeat again once it reached the end. There is your cosmic reset as seen in the Maya 2012 prophecies and the blank page at the end of the Nostradamus prophecies.

At 38 minutes, Sorcha Faal / Fail is mentioned. Yeah, that person or persons are in the business of obfuscating truth. I don’t have the patient to sift through their crap, so I just avoid it altogether.

I guess Lisa is coming in after all. She makes her first appearance at 42 minutes in.

At 1:24, we hear about Sunni and Shia Imams coming together to denounce Saudi Arabia’s Wahabi Islam. I hope this is true, as those are the scumbags doing all the raping and pillaging in Europe, at the invitation of the Zionist double scumbags.

1:27 – Lisa’s idea that Wahabism can be traced back to Canaan sounds completely inaccurate. She’s talking Sol worship, when the true basis of pretty much all the patriarchal gods is planet Saturn.

1:39 – Lisa starts talking about a large-scale positive event and people dreaming about going home. These ideas resonate in a very big way with me, and I have had several lucid dreams showing me this.

1:54 – The ladies comment on starting small, tightly-knit communities. This is similar to what the WSO Planet X guys are doing to an extent. Those guys are also getting ready for Shit Hits The Fan Wormwood.


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