Ancient Egypt: Exploring Akhenaten’s Capital City At Amarna

Foerster mentions some stark differences to the Akhenaten myth, where sun god Aten appeared to him and told him to go build Amarna city at a specific site. Also, Foerster makes Akhenaten sound like a good guy when compared to the ruling priest class. I try not to take sides in history, but I don’t think any one guy, even a pharaoh, can turn a country upside down and expect his people to stay quiet about it.

As a side note, after studying Akhenaten and seeing what others researchers think of him, I still wonder if Hussein Obama might be that guy’s reincarnation.

You know, one of these days I’m going to write a fiction novel based on Ancient Egypt, and I’m going to do some real in-depth research into Amarna. 100,000 residents is a huge number for an ancient site. Compare that to the biggest medieval cities of England who had 3,000 to 5,000 inhabitants.


From the Youtube description: Come with us as we explore the capitol city of Akhenaten, in the desert of Egypt. And better yet, come to Egypt with us in March 2017:…

Title: Exploring Akhenaten’s Fabled Capitol City At Amarna In Egypt (YT link) Uploaded by Brien Foerster.


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