Drone Footage, Ancient Peru: Fertility Temple Near Lake Titicaca

A short video, but the inner sculptures caught my attention. Look at all those little wankers! I tried to imagine what the interior might look like when it was active, with no luck. I mean, were people supposed to rub those things for luck or have sex inside the temple? I don’t think the wankers were set up the way they’re posted now. Maybe they were propped against the walls or on shelves or something. Maybe people paid priests to sculpt them and the priests took them inside as offerings to the gods. Either way, this is a major league Catholic cock-block.


From the Youtube description: Near the shore of Lake Titicaca in Peru there are the remains of a megalithic courtyard that contains many phallic shaped stones. It is not know what culture created it, or when.

Title: Megalithic Temple Of Fertility Near Lake Titicaca Peru (YT link) Uploaded by Brien Foerster.


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