Drone Footage, Ancient Peru: The Chullpa Towers Of Cutimbo

The name has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? The Chullpa Towers of Cutimbo! It sounds extra exotic. The standard mainstream lie is that everything is either a tomb or a temple. Some of the more open-minded archeologists will take a stab at identifying what they’re looking at, but Foerster doesn’t do that this time. Even with my writer’s imagination, I can’t think of anything practical past a watchtower, but there are no inside steps and no obvious parapet or windows. They weren’t houses and they are too complexly built to be simple decorations. I don’t remember if all of the insides were hollow or not, from other similar sites I’ve seen. If they were, possibly these could be for grain storage. If they weren’t maybe they were magnetized and served as conductors or tuning forks of some kind, as some ancient megalithic sites show magnetic anomalies in specific spots. I hope somebody figures this out!


From the Youtube description: The ancient Chullpa towers of Cutimbo in Peru…near Lake Titicaca. Learn more about them here:

Title: Ancient Megalithic Stone Towers In Peru (YT link) Uploaded by Brien Foerster.


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