Gnostic: Acharya S – Ancient Gods And Myths In The Bible

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From the Youtube description: Find out more about the work of Acharya S/DM Murdock at and
WHO IS MYTHICIST MILWAUKEE? Mythicist Milwaukee is a group dedicated to studying the mythicist position – researching the parallels between ancient civilizations’ beliefs and today’s modern religious practices.

Title: D.M. Murdock: Ancient Gods and Myths in the Bible (YT link) Uploaded by Milwaukee Mythicist.

Acharya S: Ancient Gods And Myths In The Bible – (2014) 3 stars

Run time: 54 minutes. This interview was conducted in 2014, shortly after AS published her book The Myth Of Moses. The podcast producers Milwaukee Mythicist host the interview. We get a glimpse into the early background of AS, including how she got started and what her early religious life was like, before delving in a broad way into the contents of her latest book. Much of the info covered can be found on my other recent posts featuring AS, but the idea here was for me to reinforce what I’ve been listening to and add it to my knowledge base.


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